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EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021

September 27-30, 2021

EuroCHRIE 2021 takes place September 27-30, 2021 in Aalborg, Denmark, No. 8 on NY Times 52 places to travel to! We'll present you with a portfolio of inspirational speakers, co-creational / interactive workshops & practical insights into Nordic Food & Wine all from the perspective of UN’s 17 Development Goals.

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Our next experience.

Welcome to Aalborg

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Things to do

The theme of 2021.

The Best Way to Create the Future – is to create it

The theme relates to the aim of EuroCHRIE: it invites delegates to explore the broadening base of member countries, and to find new collaborations, new ideas and views through a broad range of topics. The EuroCHRIE 2020 conference aims to inspire delegates to explore different takes on hospitality innovation between academics and industry.

Discover the Venue

In the heart of Aalborg.

Conference Venue

For many years, Hotel Comwell Hvide Hus has been a well-known landmark for Aalborg, both architecturally and as one of the region’s top hotels. The hotel offers upper upscale-rated meeting and conference facilities with space for up to 500 participants as well as accommodation under the same roof. Hotel Comwell Hvide Hus is ideally located just a few minutes’ walk from the bustling city centre and in the very heart of Aalborg’s largest green spot, Kildeparken, ensuring a comfortable and easy-going atmosphere of your conference.

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From across the World.

Inspirational Speakers

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 11

Tom Hall

Vice President
Lonely Planet

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 12

Alison McIntosh

Professor of Hospitality & Tourism

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 13

Further Speakers

to be announced in the coming weeks

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 13

Further Speakers

to be announced in the coming weeks

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 13

Further Speakers

to be announced in the coming weeks

Expand your knowledge.

Paper & Poster Submissions

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 16

The EuroCHRIE 2021 Poster session will be a highlighted as a joint session! Posters are the future research papers and publications. Therefore poster presentations will be highly valued at this year’s conference! Delegates will have the opportunity to present their research ideas/initial research to fellow colleagues from all over the globe. The paper and poster sessions at EuroCHRIE 2021 will provide valuable feedback from tourism and hospitality researchers from all over the world.

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Ongoing Development.

The Lecturer’s Lounge

This Lecturer’s Lounge will focus on professional development for teaching track faculty (teaching professors, lecturers, instructors). The workshop fills a crucial need for many departments with limited experience on how to mentor, evaluate, and promote new ways of teaching and learning suited for new generations of students.

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Keeping you entertained.

Things to do in Aalborg

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 17

1 Day Social Tour

Experience Cold Hawaii (west coast of Denmark) and the first appointed National Park in Denmark – National Park Thy. Along with local specialties, this trip offers you the raw experience of a destination that has undergone a huge change in relation to tourism, settlement and development

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 18

Welcome Reception

Hosted at the Utzon Center by the shore of Aalborg, the last building conceived by Jørn Utzon, who grew up in Aalborg & designer of the Sydney Opera House. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other first time attendees and the EuroCHRIE Board of Directors.

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 19

Nordic Street Food Night

We have invited top chefs from Northern Denmark to serve a variety of tastes from the Nordic Kitchen cooperating with local food and beverage producers.

EuroCHRIE Aalborg 2021 20

Høstfest Gala Dinner

The gala dinner is transformed into an original Danish harvest feast “Høstfest”. Hosted at Denmark’s most beautiful renaissance castle, Voergaard Castle, located 40 km north-east of Aalborg on the North Jutland peninsula.

Creating an experience.

Student Involvement

UCN students will be involved in the planning and operation of the EuroCHRIE 2021 conference in all functions (except for the academic processes). The conference will generate both internship and volunteering opportunities for our students. We expect that around 100 students within F&B, Hospitality and Tourism will be the core element in operations of the EuroCHRIE2021 conference.

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