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EuroCHRIE conferences combine hospitality, tourism, events and culinary research and education presentations from world-renowned institutions with valuable workshops and discussion panels from key leaders in the industry. Conferences are hosted by a EuroCHRIE member institution and the location changes yearly depending on a successful bidding process.

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Florian Aubke

Interim Director of Conferences and Networking

Florian has been an active member of the board since 2016, serving as an Area Consultant for Austria as treasurer since 2019 and now as interim Director of Conferences and Networking. During this time, Florian has actively promoted EuroCHRIE and its activities in the hospitality and tourism community in Austria and provided support for other members of the board.

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Ron Carpenter

Interview with Ronald Carpenter after the EuroCHRIE Award Ceremony

Various Interviews

From the 31st EuroCHRIE conference held at ANGELL Akademie Freiburg

Phil Race

Interview with Phil Race after the EuroCHRIE Award Ceremonies


Impressions from the Oktoberfest at the ANGELL Akademie

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Next Stop: EuroCHRIE Vienna 2023

3-6 October 2022 | Vienna, Austria

Hospitality & tourism businesses as well as hospitality & tourism educators are confronted with a cascade of ‘Changing Realities and New Opportunities’, with some evolving literally overnight. These Changing Realities not only accelerated the development of New Work Realities and Digital Transformation, we are also seeing a shift in consumer behaviour, travel patterns as well as teaching methods and didactics.

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Host a Conference

A long standing EuroCHRIE member institution with the knowledge and insights on key spirits of the EuroCHRIE conference may be eligible to put a bid to host the future EuroCHRIE conference. Organising an international conference requires a dedication of time, financial and manpower resources to undertake the planning and execution of a successful event. The organiser-host will find complete working documents to help any institution evaluate whether you are ready to organise an international conference or not. Find more supporting documents below to help you to get started.

Analyses the feasibility for your institution to organize an EuroCHRIE conference. The emphasis is on general aspects such as manpower, financial control, accessibility, location, conference facilities, security (to mention a few). Your institution should complete the Expression of Interest Form and submit to the Federation Administrator at usually 24 months prior to the conference. Once the Conference Committee validates your proposal, you should start phase 2 and prepare to do a presentation to the Board (normally at the EuroCHRIE Spring Board meeting approximately 15 months before the request). You will find out more information in the selection criteria.

The organizer-host will submit the final conference proposal 15 months prior the conference that should be based on the ‘How to Guide’. The Conference Committee will analyse, make suggestions and approve the final document that should be sent to the Federation Administrator at

Institutions should read carefully the documentation provided and then evaluate their proposal to ensure that it contains all the relevant information that is identified in the ‘How to Guide’. In addition, we are looking for you to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To ensure your proposal maintains EuroCHRIE conference quality standard precepts and consistency;
  2. To be a self-assessment guide for host organizations when planning to organize a EuroCHRIE conference;
  3. To simplify the bidding process, providing information to the EuroCHRIE Board members.

Once the organizer-host receives EuroCHRIE approval the institution should submit a definitive global bidding proposal.

We hope this guide will encourage your university to present a candidacy for organizing a very successful conference from 2022 onwards.

Remember the deadline for the 2022 Conference is October 2020. We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your Phase 1 proposal soon.

Please look at the media walls from previous EuroCHRIE conferences that have taken place since 2011 and locations from 2006.

This is a handy and straight-forward guide, that needs to be considered at all times in the bidding process. It outlines your responsibilities as an organiser-host and what we expect as the conference committee of EuroCHRIE.

You may be expected to do a presentation to the conference committee. These criteria clearly identify how we will make an objective and transparent judgement about your conference bid.

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Thrive on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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“The best way to predict the future – is to create it” (Postponed until 2021 due to Covid-19 outbreak)

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Hong Kong

Theme: When East Meets West

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Theme: Reach the Unreached – Touch the Untouched

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Theme: What’s Going Well in Tourism, Hospitality & Events?

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Theme: Cooperative Education and Research for Hospitality and Tourism Educators

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Theme: From Services to Experiences in Tourism and the Hospitality Industry and Education

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Theme: Building a Legacy, Living the Dream: 2020 Vision for Hospitality and Tourism

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Theme: Showcasing Innovation in Education, Training & Research through Tourism, Hospitality & Events

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Theme: In Search of Excellence for Tomorrow’s Tourism, Travel and Hospitality

Conferences 31



Theme: Facing the Change in Tourism and Hospitality

Conferences 31



Theme:Global Issues and Trends in Hospitality and Tourism Industries

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Bad Honnef

Theme:The Internationalisation of Future Hospitality Tourism and Aviation Management Education

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Conferences 31



Theme: Trends & Challenges in Hospitality and Tourism

2000 Fall:

Joint EuroCHRIE/IAHMS/HSMAI, Hotel Management School Maastricht, The Netherlands, “Hospitality Education & Hospitality Industry, a perfect couple in a new millennium”

2000 Spring:

Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland, “Professional development in hospitality & tourism education” 

1999 Fall:

Ecole des Arts Culinaires et de l’ Hotellerie, Lyon, France. “Food, future & friendship”

1999 Spring:

Joint EuroCHRIE-CHME, University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K. “Hospitality product life-cycle”

1998 Fall:

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland. “Competitiveness in the international hospitality industry”

1998 Spring:

Joint EuroCHRIE-HSMAI Conference, Norway. “Hospitality sales & marketing”

1997 Fall:

Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. “Tourism’s role and responsibility in sustaining national heritages in a global context”

1997 Spring:

Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, U.K. “Hospitality business development”

1996 Fall:

Hotel Management School, Leeuwarden, Netherlands. “The service profit chain in the hospitality industry”

1996 Spring:

Alpine Center for Hotel & Management Studies, Athens, Greece. “The travel & tourism industry beyond the year 2000”

1995 Fall

Joint EuroCHRIE-IAHMS Conference, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden. “International student/teacher exchange and experiences”

1995 Spring:

IHTTI, Neuchatel, Switzerland. “Professional development within the hospitality industry and education”

1994 Fall:

Joint EuroCHRIE-IAHMS Conference, IMHI-Cornell University, Paris, France. “Legends in restaurant entrepreneurship”

1994 Spring:

S&T Tourismus-Beratung, Vienna, Austria. “Hospitality schools East-West”

1993 Fall:

Academie ACCOR-EuroDisney, Paris, France. “Quality”

1993 Spring:

Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, U.K. “European hospitality: the next 10 years”

1992 Fall:

Academie ACCOR, Paris, France. “Marketing in hard times”

1992 Spring:

Nestle Pro Gastronomia Foundation, Neuchatel, Switzerland. “People in the hospitality industry”

Conferences 9

Florian Aubke

Interim Director of Conferences and Networking

Florian has been an active member of the board since 2016, serving as an Area Consultant for Austria as treasurer since 2019 and now as interim Director of Conferences and Networking. During this time, Florian has actively promoted EuroCHRIE and its activities in the hospitality and tourism community in Austria and provided support for other members of the board.

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