Interested in becoming an Area Consultant?

Area Consultants are the volunteer backbone of EuroCHRIE. Our AC’s represent geographical as well as specific knowledge expertise areas, working with the Board of Directors on addressing and developing issues together with the BoD.

To become an AC, you must be a member of ICHRIE under the EuroCHRIE federation and further from there be appointed by the Board in to your position. The board is always open for applications from new, interested parties in joining the board work and development of our federation.

Generally, our group of AC’s works directly with the Director of Member Services and Development as well as the Director of Marketing. Apart from working on specific areas of interest, our AC’s work towards the development of our membership base, by their area specific knowledge of possible and existing members in the region. Further, they utilize the region specific knowledge in collaboration with the Director of Marketing, to help develop regionally tailored marketing approaches towards the possible member prospects and region.

Through three yearly reports, two of them being meetings in person with the rest of the board members, the AC’s are an essential part of developing our federation towards the very best research and network association for hospitality academics and professionals.

We will happily see your application to join our team!

Hjalte B. Mansa

Hjalte B. Mansa
August 31, 2019

Last updated on November 21, 2019