Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
December 8, 2023


Out Now: Hotel Yearbook 2024 Hospitality ESG Edition

There is much happening this week of course, yet this Free Publication of 30 short expert articles may be of particular interest to you, but also:

  • your team (brainstorm initiatives);
  • your class (spark discussion);
  • your business partners (encourage cooperation);
  • your research (generate ideas)

HYB 2024 HOSPITALITY ESG EDITION:  Unlocking the ESG Innovation Stack in Hospitality

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30 short articles from industry professionals, expert consultants, supply chain service providers and researchers organized under six themes:

  1. The Rise of Net Positive Movement: Climate Resilient & Regenerative Hospitality
  2. From Strategy to Regulation: Navigating the ESG Landscape
  3. Operational Efficiency and Sustainability: Harnessing Technology & Education
  4. The Built Environment: Innovative Architecture, Design & Carbon Conscious Practices
  5. Validating Sustainability: Assurance, Certification and Awards
  6. Shaping ESG Practices: Collaboration for a Better Future

And in addition, a section on Roadblocks to Overcome where c-level executives answer the following question: “If there was one major roadblock you could remove towards a net positive journey in the hospitality industry, what would that be?

In today’s competitive environment, ESG lies at the core of business strategy. Crucial to advancing sustainability is to leverage innovation. Thus, the “innovation stack” refers to a collection of technologies, methods, and strategies that, when effectively combined, can lead to more resilient, adaptive, and future-ready hospitality businesses.

The key lies not just in individual practices, but equally in the access, scalability, and application throughout the value chain.

Wishing you a week-end of fruitful reading!


Prof. Dr. Willy Legrand
Chief Guest Editor
Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
December 8, 2023

Last updated on December 8, 2023