An Inclusive Membership Initiative for Emerging Nations

ICHRIE has become an international organization with members from every continent in the World.

ICHRIE is an international organization with members from every continent in the World.

At the same time, more and more hospitality and tourism faculty from emerging markets are searching to become a part of our international organization. The greatest challenge is the cost of their membership could equal a week’s salary and that makes it impossible for them to join our organization.

In 2012, several Federation representatives and members of the ICHRIE board agreed to create the Emerging Nations section, in order to better host and incorporate these nations. In 2019, the pricing structure was reviewed in order to enable a full membership level including voting rights for all emerging nations members.

Emerging Nations Details

  • The Individual Membership rate is $30
  • The Premium membership rate is $105
  • Individual Memberships under the program will only receive electronic support. Printed publications will not be provided.
  • The members have voting rights.
  • The Membership Committee felt that the Federations themselves were in a better position to understand WHICH emerging nations should be included in the pilot program and as a result, over 160 countries were chosen as eligible as “emerging nations.” The list of nations is posted on the ICHRIE website.
  • We do anticipate these lists may grow in the coming months.

Should you have any questions in regards to eligibility for Emerging Nations applicability or likewise, you’re always welcome to contact me.

Heidi Anaya
Director of Membership

Heidi Anaya

Heidi Anaya
May 19, 2024

Last updated on June 5, 2024