Peter Russell

Peter Russell
October 15, 2023


Revealing the 2023 EuroCHRIE Award Winners in Vienna

The 2023 EuroCHRIE awards were recently announced, recognizing outstanding contributions in the field. Presented at EuroCHRIE Vienna 2023, these honors went beyond the Gala Dinner, extending throughout the conference. The awards committee expresses gratitude to sponsors for their unwavering support. Congratulations to all awardees!

For a detailed list of winners and additional information, visit

Notable Awardees:

  1. EuroCHRIE Presidents Award:
    • Recipient: Anders Justenlund
  2. EuroCHRIE ‘Bridging the Gap’ Award:
    • Recipient: Dr. Elizabeth M. Ineson
  3. EuroCHRIE Regional Industry Award:
    • Recipient: Austrian Convention Bureau (ACB)
  4. Institut Lyfe Research Award 2023:
    • Award-Winning Research: “An Interpretable Machine Learning Method for Hotel Demand Forecasting”
  5. EuroCHRIE Best Poster Award:
    • Award-Winning Poster: “Competences and Skills Among Small and Medium-Sized Tourism Businesses at a Rural Destination Post-COVID – The Case of Destination Limfjorden, Denmark”
  6. EuroCHRIE University Challenge Award:
    • Winning University: The University of Rijeka – Croatia

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Peter Russell

Peter Russell
October 15, 2023

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