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Dr Jackie Mulligan

Dr Jackie Mulligan is founder and CEO of multi award-winning ShopAppy.com.

Dr Jackie Mulligan is founder and CEO of multi award-winning ShopAppy.com. A passionate and professional speaker, writer and specialist in creative thinking, future thinking, events and communications, Jackie has used her experience, expertise and doctoral research into experience, psychology and behaviours to develop ShopAppy.com. Former academic in events, tourism and hospitality leading research on CSR, hospitality and future trends for MPI and the events industry, Jackie left academia in 2016, to start up her own digital platform. ShopAppy is a digital platform that diverts online browsing to local spending. ShopAppy aggregates local businesses and makes it easier for them to get digital as a unified front enabling customers to easily browse, book and buy local with click and collect after hours in any village, town or city and more recently get home delivery. 

Her unique place-centred digital initiative has been featured on BBC The One Show, ITV Tonight show, BBC Morning Live, regional TV and radio, The Grocer, i News,  Closer and in The Guardian. ShopAppy has won recognition being cited in the top 40 global digital retail innovations by Retail Insider and being recognised for innovation from the FSB, Natwest and Barclaycard Everywoman in Retail. Her platform is now supported by Visa, NatWest and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Dr Jackie Mulligan

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