EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
March 30, 2023


Submissions closed for EuroCHRIE Vienna 2023: A summary so far…

Vienna 2023 – Changing Realities. New Opportunities.

3-6 OCTOBER 2023 | A chance to discuss the effects of change on hospitality & tourism education in the coming years.

Submissions have CLOSED

The paper submission period has ended and I am happy to report that we received:

  • Total submissions: 153
    • Papers: 100
    • Posters: 30
    • Lecturers Lounge: 6
    • Workshops, Symposia: 17

This is almost double the numbers I reported last week, which is a fantastic result.

Florian & the team @FHWien

About EuroCHRIE Vienna 2023

Hospitality & tourism businesses as well as hospitality & tourism educators are confronted with a cascade of ‘Changing Realities and New Opportunities’, with some evolving literally overnight.

These Changing Realities not only accelerated the development of New Work Realities and Digital Transformation, but we are also seeing a shift in consumer behaviour, travel patterns as well as teaching methods and didactics. Local has become the new global, health-related issues and hygienic standards are new determinants of travel behaviour and E-Learning activities are no longer considered as ‘nice to have’ but have become a key component of tourism & hospitality education. In other words, lately the change of realities as we know it dramatically accelerated. We as the hosting organization invite the CHRIE community to discuss the effects of change on hospitality and tourism education for the years to come.

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Vienna – the most eastern city in the west, and most western city in the east

With its successful blend of imperial tradition and contemporary creativity, the Austrian capital has established itself as a major player in the global tourism market. With 17.6 million overnight stays in 2019, the Viennese tourist industry posted the best performance in its history – pre-Covid 19. In 2019 the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) ranked Vienna in sixth place for international congresses worldwide. Accessibility, infrastructure and leisure opportunities all contribute to Vienna being a must-see destination. Not to mention the Sacher cake…

The hosting organization, the FHWien der WKW is Austria’s leading university of applied sciences for management and communication. Working in close contact with Austrian corporations, FHWien der WKW offers comprehensive and practice-oriented academic programs to over 2,800 students.

Our first degree program in Tourism Management was launched in 1994. Since then, the range of degree programs offered has increased year by year. Today FHWien der WKW offers a total of 18 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Florian Aubke, head of tourism and hospitality management study programs and conference chair says: “We are delighted to have been chosen as the host for the annual EuroCHRIE conference in 2023. Following successful conferences in Aalborg and Apeldoorn, Vienna aims to provide a conference experience that blends traditional perspectives with contemporary approaches to hospitality education post-Covid 19.”

EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
March 30, 2023

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