EuroCHRIE Vienna 2023
Changing Realities. New Opportunities.
3-6 OCTOBER 2023 | A chance to discuss the effects of change on hospitality & tourism education in the coming years.

    The City of Dreams.

    Hospitality & tourism businesses as well as hospitality & tourism educators are confronted with a cascade of ‘Changing Realities and New Opportunities’, with some evolving literally overnight. These Changing Realities not only accelerated the development of New Work Realities and Digital Transformation, we are also seeing a shift in consumer behaviour, travel patterns as well as teaching methods and didactics.


    Vienna, Austria


    3-6 October 2023

    Counting down to EuroCHRIE 2023!


    A conference like no other...

    EuroCHRIE, the European Federation of the International Council on Hospitality, Restaurant, and Institutional Education, brings together educators from hospitality and tourism management schools and universities into a global network in close co-operation with industry representatives. Under the CHRIE umbrella, both education and industry combine their efforts to shape the future of hospitality and tourism. We are really delighted to bring EuroCHRIE 2023 to Vienna and we are working hard to make it an extremely rewarding event for you!