EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
September 7, 2023


EuroCHRIE AGM & EuroCHRIE Connect

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Why Attend the EuroCHRIE Annual General Meeting (AGM) and EuroCHRIE Connect in Doha?

Attending the EuroCHRIE Annual General Meeting (AGM) and EuroCHRIE Connect in Doha next year presents a unique and invaluable opportunity for both members and non-members. Here are compelling reasons to mark your calendar and be part of these enriching events:

EuroCHRIE Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Doha:

  1. Insights into Organizational Strategy: Hear directly from the Board of Directors about ongoing initiatives, projects, and the strategic vision guiding EuroCHRIE. Gain a deep understanding of the organization’s inner workings.
  2. Transparency and Engagement: Foster a sense of engagement and belonging within the EuroCHRIE community through firsthand knowledge-sharing opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned member or a newcomer, this transparency builds a stronger connection with the organization.
  3. Active Participation: The AGM is a platform for open dialogue and collaboration. Pose questions, share ideas, and actively contribute to shaping the future of EuroCHRIE. Your input matters in the growth and development of the organization.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with the EuroCHRIE Board, esteemed members, and industry experts. Build valuable relationships and expand your professional network within the hospitality, tourism, and education sectors.
  5. EuroCHRIE Connect After AGM:

Why Attend EuroCHRIE Connect in Doha:

  1. Networking Opportunities: EuroCHRIE Connect brings together professionals, academics, and students, offering prime opportunities to expand your professional network, meet like-minded individuals, and build valuable connections within the industry.
  2. Knowledge Sharing: Stay at the forefront of the industry by attending presentations, seminars, and discussions on cutting-edge topics and trends in hospitality and tourism. Gain insights, knowledge, and best practices from experts and peers.
  3. Professional Development: Engage in workshops, training sessions, and skill-building activities that enhance your professional development. Stay competitive in your field and advance your career with the latest skills and knowledge.
  4. Access to Research: If you’re an academic or researcher, EuroCHRIE Connect provides access to the latest research findings and academic papers. Exchange ideas and collaborate with other scholars in the field.
  5. Industry Updates: Stay informed about industry developments, challenges, and opportunities. Industry leaders often share insights and perspectives, keeping you abreast of the latest in hospitality and tourism.
  6. Collaboration Opportunities: Explore collaborative projects by connecting with potential partners or collaborators for research, educational initiatives, or business ventures.
  7. Engagement with EuroCHRIE: Connect with the EuroCHRIE Board, members, and leadership. Learn about the organization’s initiatives, contribute your ideas and expertise, and actively participate in shaping the future of EuroCHRIE.
  8. Inspiration and Motivation: Be inspired by success stories and innovative ideas from peers and industry leaders. Energize yourself to take on new challenges and drive positive change in your career or organization.
  9. Personal Growth: Step out of your comfort zone, engage in meaningful discussions, and broaden your horizons. EuroCHRIE Connect provides a platform for personal growth and development.
  10. Contribution to the Industry: Be part of the collective effort to shape the future of the hospitality, tourism, and education industry. Your participation contributes to the growth and advancement of the field.

EuroCHRIE Connect in Doha promises a rich and multifaceted experience, benefiting your professional and personal growth, providing collaboration opportunities, and keeping you informed about the latest developments in the hospitality and tourism industry. Don’t miss this chance to be an integral part of the EuroCHRIE community in Doha next year!

EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
September 7, 2023

Last updated on October 20, 2023