EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
April 4, 2020


Watch, listen and take part in our next interactive online sessions LIVE

Join us on Zoom for the next two EuroCHRIE interactive sessions.

Due to the success of sessions 1 and 2, we wondered if you would be interested in sessions 3 and 4. These can be accessed via Zoom and the details are attached. You need to ensure that you have the Zoom app downloaded to your computer or smart device. It is easy and free. Unable to make the sessions? We’ll make these available soon after they’ve taken place on the new EuroCHRIE website for you to access for free.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you like this idea and share topics you would like to see us tackle.

Immersive Food & Beverage Experiences

Hosted by Pasi Tuominen (Haaga Helia)

Session 3 – Wednesday 8th April 2020 @ 2pm (BST) / 3pm (CET)

Companies around the world are exploring new ways to enhance customer experiences. Food & Beverage experience is no longer just dining or going out to eat, nor simply drinking at bars. Some companies have already found new ways to differentiate themselves and offering immersive experiences to their customers. Through commercially feasible examples, this webinar introduces the ways companies can incorporate immersion into their offering, and what technologies can be used to compliment the narrative and multisensory presentation of the F&B offering.

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Impact of coronavirus on the global hotel industry and Europe

Hosted by Steve Hood (STR)

Session 4 – Thursday 16th April 2020 @ 3pm (BST) / 4pm (CET)

Steve Hood from the STR SHARE Center will present an update on the global hotel industry. We will review the impact of the coronavirus on countries and markets around the world and drill down into specific areas like China, Italy and the US. All performance metrics will be from the week that just ended on the prior Saturday. Data related to recovery scenarios will be provided including current China performance, past economic cycles and prior events like SARS. Additional data will be reviewed on hotel closings, forward bookings, event cancellations and travel intention. We will look at industry takeaways and lessons to be learned from similar events, such as group versus transient comparisons and luxury resort differences. There will be time for brainstorming related to research opportunities. Instructions will be provided for professors who would like to obtain personalized data for research or if people would like to receive regular updates. Samples of the type of data that is available can be found on the STR website.

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* Zoom app required to join meetings – it’s free to download and join our meetings! We’re not responsible for the use of 3rd party apps and how they use your data – please refer to their T&Cs. Meetings start at the advertised time although you are free to join us mid-session if you’re late.

EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
April 4, 2020

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