EuroCHRIE Nairobi 2017

“Reach the unreached – touch the untouched”
23rd-25th October 2013

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REWIND: Looking back on EuroCHRIE 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya 9

The first ever EuroCHRIE conference (and first ever ICHRIE event) on African soils was a great success. Our conference organisers from Strathmore University (Kenya), Saxion University (The Netherlands) and University College Northern Denmark made sure to tell the story and showcase the opportunities that lies ahead for both hospitality industry and academia in this part of the World. It was great to see how the paper and posters reflected the conference theme “Reach the Unreached – Touch the Untouched” and at times “Expect the Unexpected”!

It is no secret that our conference was challenged by the ongoing presidential elections in Kenya and that this had an impact on the planning process. I am however very happy that the conference organizers chose to follow through with the conference and that the EuroCHRIE board supported this decision. The result was one of the most memorable EuroCHRIE conferences ever! I would personally like to send my deepest thanks to Birgitte Hvingel Jørgensen (Conference Chair), Joy Goopio (Conference Manager), and Jan Willem Meijerhof (Conference Manager), without their dedication to this project it would never have been the success it was. I have personally had the honor of chairing a conference earlier this year, and I know how stressful this can be. Our conference team topped this by planning a conference in a completely different cultural context than we are normally used to and succeeded! Thank you very much for this!

I am proud of our federation that we took the decision and have green lights to a conference in East Africa. We went out of our comfort zone on this venture, something that I as president finds essential if we want to boost EuroCHRIE membership! It is important that our organisation takes a lead in ICHRIE, when it comes to new initiatives, that will benefit membership and create unique value propositions.

Thanks to the conference team for EuroCHRIE 2017.

(Text content by Anders Justenlund is taken from the EuroCHRIE Newsletter)

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REWIND: Looking back on EuroCHRIE 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya 10

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For many years, Hotel Comwell Hvide Hus has been a well-known landmark for Aalborg, both architecturally and as one of the region’s top hotels. Comwell Hotels was awarded Denmark’s most sustainable hotel chain, and holds the Danish ecological bronze brand.

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