EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
March 19, 2024


REPORT: EuroCHRIE Spring Board Meeting in Doha, Qatar

What a fabulous few days we had in the company of Ivan and his team in Doha!

After a great flight on Qatar Air from London, an easy Taxi ride soon got me to the Five Star Conference Hotel, The City Centre Rotana. Efficient and friendly Hotel staff soon completed the formalities.

A super-size room with fantastic views of the adjacent Bay and the marvellous architecture of the city of Doha.

A couple of restaurants plus a wonderful breakfast awaited prior to meeting up with Ivan, our Conference Chair plus the members of the Board who had made the journey and the Hotel management.

Ivan outlined the centrality of the Hotel to the Conference—all the main Conference speakers kicking each day off in the Hotel, the Poolside reception on the first night, the Gala and Awards Evening also being held there on the final night.

REPORT: EuroCHRIE Spring Board Meeting in Doha, Qatar 10

Having given us our Metro passes, we than took a short 200 metres walk to the Metro station for the brief ride to the Al Rayyan International University College, where there was a large reception awaiting us.

A tour of this lovely building, a Presentation of the Events and Timetable followed and then followed a tour of Doha and the venues that we will be visiting next November.

One of the key features of this Conference is its affordability -with special prices being negotiated for our accommodation and the events.

The conference facilities in the University are brilliant with superb views from the rooms of the sea, with the dhows sailing up and down the idyllic blue waters.

Fortunately, the attendees will be facing the presenters and not the beautiful scenery!

The City architecture is simply outstanding, skyscrapers of unique shapes and sizes. These buildings are also lit up at night with light shows crisscrossing the night sky.

You have a fine itinerary to be enjoyed—visits to see some of the culture of the country in an enormous exhibition which was overwhelming. Many of you will recognise, as I did, my very first car in the section devoted to the Sheikh’s special cars.

The first day was finished off by a visit to a Belgian Bar for food and watering!

REPORT: EuroCHRIE Spring Board Meeting in Doha, Qatar 11

The following day was our Spring Board Meeting held at the University which was the usual amalgam of those present in Doha and our ‘Teams’ meeting.

Our President Steven, enjoying life in Central Lancashire, co-chaired the meeting with Vice President Florian present in Qatar.

Our ICHRIE President Crystel Masdupuy joined us from France as did the rest of the Board and most of our wonderful Area Consultants. Our able Secretary, Anne will be sending out the detailed minutes of the meeting.

One highlight was the passionate presentation of the proposed 2025 Conference to be held in the Hague by Board member Yasemin Oruc.

We then had a gorgeous ‘locally’ produced lunch which was one of the highlights of our visit to the school.

We then embarked on another visit to which highlighted the diverse culture of Qatar, as well as some surprises—a visit to an Opera House, and an amazing theatre which totally mimicked a desert scene.

My overall impressions was one of wonder and delight in this incredible safe environment at the surroundings, the hospitality, the facilities of the venues, the hard work that the Qatar team have already put into the upcoming Conference and to see the embrace of local culture to EuroCHRIE and to all our ICHRIE family.

EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
March 19, 2024

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