Henri Kuokkanen

Henri Kuokkanen
May 21, 2023


VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections – NOW CLOSED!

We are seeking you to vote for the following positions:

You must be a full member and a current paid member of EuroCHRIE. There is only one vote per member. Other votes will be disregarded.

The voting will close on Sunday 25th June 202311.59 pm GMT NOW CLOSED. Votes and membership status will be verified and the successful candidate will be notified.

All candidate details can be found below

Thank you for taking the time to vote.


Henri Kuokkanen
Chair of the EuroCHRIE Nominating Committee

Vice President

(Then: President-Elect & Immediate Past President)

One (1) Candidate

VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections - NOW CLOSED! 10
Florian Aubke

FHWien der WKW
Wien, Austria

I first joined the EuroCHRIE Board during the annual conference in Budapest 2016 as an area consultant for Austria. Whilst Austria is agreeably a small country for a stand-alone area consultant, it was the classical entry position for my engagement with EuroCHRIE. Since, I have been an active member of the EuroCHRIE federation, and learned how valuable this leading network of hospitality and tourism educators can be. Over the past four years, I maintained the federation’s finances as treasurer and represented the federation at the ICHRIE finance committee. This year, we will host the annual EuroCHRIE conference in Vienna. This marks both a personal as well as institutional commitment to the works of the federation. With your support, I strive to continue my engagement on the EuroCHRIE board as Vice President. In this role, I support the president in his commitment to strengthen our position as thought leaders in hospitality and tourism education. Additionally, I believe that more emphasis can be put on the interests of our institutional members represented by their deans and directors, without ignoring those of our many individual members. In collaboration with other CHRIE federations, we can strengthen our position as the go-to-platform for our institutional members.

Florian has been an active member of the board since 2016, serving as an Area Consultant for Austria as treasurer since 2019 and was interim Director of Conferences and Networking. During this time, Florian has actively promoted EuroCHRIE and its activities in the hospitality and tourism community in Austria and provided support for other members of the board. In particular, his focus was on continuous improvement of the services offered to members and thus ensuring sustained development. Due to its geographical location in Central Europe, a strong network in Austria can function as a bridge towards the East, which is one of the key motives for his engagement in EuroCHRIE.

Florian is Head of Tourism and Hospitality Management study programs at FHWien der WKW, the leading University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication in Austria. Before joining the FHWien der WKW, Florian played an integral part in the development of the private University Modul, where he was Dean of the Undergraduate School and Director of Non-Degree Programs. He received his academic degrees from universities in Germany and Australia before completing his doctorate with honors at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Before entering the academic world, Florian gained operational experience in the hotel industry and event management in Germany and Australia. He teaches a wide range of subjects in hospitality management, including hotel asset management, revenue management, and hotel development. His research interests cover relational aspects of creativity, innovation, and organizational design – with a particular application to the hospitality and tourism industry.


Two (2) Candidates

VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections - NOW CLOSED! 11
Ivan Ninov

ARIU in partnership with University of Derby
Doha, Qatar

Dear EuroCHRIE members,

My name is Ivan Ninov, and I am the Executive Dean at Al Rayyan International University College in partnership with the University of Derby in Qatar.

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the position of Treasurer at EuroCHRIE. As a dedicated member of this organisation, I believe I possess the necessary skills and experience to successfully carry out the duties of this role.

For more than a decade I have held leadership positions in several higher education institutions, which have helped me to improve my skills in strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, and financial control.

If elected as Treasurer, I commit to doing the following:

  1. Ensure financial viability and sustainability of the EuroCHRIE federation.
  2. Ensure transparency, accuracy, and accountability in all financial matters related to the normal functioning of the EuroCHRIE federation.
  3. Develop and implement budgets which are fully aligned with the strategic objectives of the EuroCHRIE federation.
  4. Develop partnerships with sponsors and other stakeholders to support EuroCHRIE’s further growth and development.

I believe that my skills and experience make me a strong candidate for the position of Treasurer, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve and contribute to EuroCHRIE’s continued success.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ivan Ninov, Ph.D.

Dr. Ivan Ninov is the Executive Dean of Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU) in partnership with University of Derby in Qatar. ARIU is the premier higher education institution for hospitality management, tourism management and international business management education in the State of Qatar.

Dr. Ninov has extensive international academic and managerial experience, having lived and worked in Europe, the United States, Dubai, and Qatar. His main areas of expertise are Strategy Formulation and Implementation, and Quality Assurance and Improvement.

Throughout his career Dr. Ninov has been involved in the management of academic institutions, numerous research and consultancy projects, and has been recognised as a researcher within his field. In addition to this, he serves as an editor and reviewer for several academic journals and conferences, and as an external reviewer for hospitality and tourism management programmes.

Dr. Ninov holds a Ph.D. degree in Hospitality Administration, and a Master of Science degree in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management from Texas Tech University in the USA. He also holds an MSc degree and a BSc degree in Tourism from Sofia University in Bulgaria.

VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections - NOW CLOSED! 12
Dario tom-Dieck

Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester, United Kingdom

Having been involved in the ICHRIE Eta Sigma Delta Honour society from the start of my industry career during my bachelor study, and attending several conferences over the years, the work that EuroCHRIE does by bringing together educators from schools and universities and industry is invaluable for our industry. Having worked in both industry and education I believe that collaboration is key to drive our industry forward.

As the treasurer of EuroCHRIE, I envision myself as a strategic partner of the Board of Directors and the membership. I will provide them with timely and accurate financial information and guidance, helping them make informed and effective decisions. I will also ensure that the financial resources of the federation are allocated and utilised in alignment with the strategic objectives and vision of EuroCHRIE.

In the aftermath of Covid19 with its effects still lingering across parts of the industry, I believe it is important that our mission of driving education and research, communicating between stakeholders and creating opportunities for networks and collaboration between industry and other institutions is achieved. I would like to support this cause as your treasurer by managing the financial foundations with accountability and integrity, and to support the strategic objectives and vision of EuroCHRIE.

Having worked internationally including Germany, the UK and Malaysia and coming from an entrepreneurial background running and managing several businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry I transitioned to full time higher education in 2014 with the completion of my PhD.

I hold a Master’s degree in International Business management with specialisation in Finance and am currently the Deputy Head of Department and International Lead for Operations, Technology, Events and Hospitality Management (OTEHM) at the triple accredited (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA ) Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. I am responsible for managing the operations and budgets for the department which includes circa 65 academics and spans programmes ranging from foundation year to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as well as the sector leading Digital Technology Solutions apprenticeship degree.

As part of my role as international lead for OTEHM I have worked extensively as academic link tutor for educational partners, strategic departmental lead for Trans-National Education and Partnerships to connect and Manchester Met with other international education institutions as well as industry to create collaborative networks.

Director of Member Services & Development

Two (2) Candidates

VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections - NOW CLOSED! 13
Heidi Anaya

Russell Partnership Technology
Tucson, AZ, United States

I am delighted to be running for the position of Director of Member Services and Development.  As a EuroCHRIE member for the past 12 years, I have experienced first-hand the incredible value of being a part of this organisation.  From attending both EuroCHRIE and ICHRIE conferences since 2011 to facilitating the annual EuroCHRIE University Challenge since 2015 to serving on the board as Industry Director since 2021, I am truly passionate about giving back to hospitality education.  I believe that my extensive knowledge and experience gained from working in the hospitality industry combined with my current role supporting hospitality educators around the world puts me in a unique position to be able to truly promote this amazing organisation and all its benefits of membership.

If elected, I pledge to work hard to increase memberships, boost current member retention, and to cultivate a sense of community among the Area Consultants and lead them in their efforts to support the EuroCHRIE and ICHRIE missions. And, perhaps most importantly, I will ensure that all members, both existing and new, are made to feel welcomed and valued as part of this organisation.

Heidi is the Head of Education with Russell Partnership Technology where she provides simulation support to hospitality educators in over 20 countries. Prior to this, Heidi’s career in the hospitality industry began in 1991 and has included leadership roles in Operations, Sales, and Human Resources.

For the past two years, Heidi has served on the EuroCHRIE board as Industry Director and she has been a member of ICHRIE for 12 years.

Since 2015, Heidi has organized and facilitated the annual EuroCHRIE University Challenge, a student competition open to hotel schools in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Heidi has been a guest lecturer at several hotel schools in the area of Strategic Revenue Management and is also the trainer of the Certification in Hospitality Business Acumen from the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI).

Heidi was the 2018 STR Bridging the Gap Award recipient, which is presented to an industry professional who works to bring industry and education closer together.

VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections - NOW CLOSED! 14
Cynthia Zoubir

Paris, France

If I am honored with the position of Director of Member Services and Development, I will ensure the growth of our association membership through both a quantitative and qualitative approach.

  • Quantitative, because the resources of our association and the quality of the projects we engage in depend on the number of members we can mobilize.
  • Qualitative, because EuroCHRIE is an association internationally recognized for excellence, bringing together the best schools in the EMEA region as well as the main players in our industry.

In order to carry out this dual mandate, I will focus on the following priorities:

  1. Encouraging membership from under-represented countries within our region, with older, more experienced schools supporting newer members in the spirit of progress and with the aim of sharing strategic vision, pedagogical practices, and research,
  2. Promoting membership to non-traditional and emerging segments within the hospitality industry, such as facility management, sports tourism, and others,
  3. Expanding membership by leveraging contacts and data from the various stakeholders of the association,
  4. Pledging that the values and family-spirit our members cherish are safeguarded within our association, thereby fostering loyalty, and ensuring that our members continue to be the best ambassadors for our association.

Cynthia has been active in international higher education for nearly 30 years, accumulating a vast network and professional experience in the areas of student mobility, partnership development, and overseas campus development.

She is a recent addition to FERRANDI Paris’s senior management team, taking on the role of Director of International Development, responsible for expanding the institutions’ core activities to key markets abroad, and promoting the internationalization of the learner experience at home.

Prior to joining FERRANDI, Cynthia spent the last 15 years piloting the international operations and recruitment activities for KEDGE Business School and JUNIA Engineering School, serving as the Director of International Affairs at both institutions.

Cynthia holds an MBA and BSBA from The American University in Washington, DC, and has gained extensive intercultural experience through living in multiple countries outside of her native USA, while spending the last 25 years in various regions of France.

Outside of her scholarship and work, she enjoys discovering new foods and wine, exploring ethnic communities, and trekking to remote areas.

Director of Networking & Conferences

Two (2) Candidates

VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections - NOW CLOSED! 15
Frederic Bouchon

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As a candidate for the position of Director of Conferences at EuroCHRIE, I am committed to ensuring the quality of higher education in hospitality and tourism.

My vision for EuroCHRIE is to continue its legacy of excellence by providing a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects that support and advance the field of hospitality and tourism higher education.

My approach to achieving this vision involves three main strategies.

Firstly, I will prioritize the selection of high-quality keynote speakers who will inspire and motivate conference participants.

Secondly, I will work closely with our international partners to expand the reach and impact of our conferences.

Finally, I will promote the development of research projects that have practical applications for the industry, particularly in areas such as sustainability, digital transformation, and innovation.

I am confident that with my extensive experience in conference management, leadership skills, and passion for advancing higher education in hospitality and tourism, I can contribute to the success of EroCHRIE as its Director of Conferences.

Dr Frederic Bouchon has more than 18 years of experience in higher education management. He worked with leading Hospitality and Tourism Universities in Asia and Europe in various senior positions.

He is an international expert in Tourism and Hospitality with numerous research and consultancy projects including capacity building, destination development, service standardisation, regional integration, and mobility planning. Furthermore, Frederic researched various tourism and hospitality management topics, including Strategic planning, Tourism Management, Place Branding, Stakeholders’ Management, Sustainability, and Hospitality Education and published articles in multiple journals. 

He was a founding member of the ASEAN Tourism Research Association. Before joining the academia, Frederic worked in the Hospitality and Tourism sector in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and China with Hilton, Accor, Eurotravel. He is currently the Dean at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, in Dubai, UAE. His current research projects include the future of hospitality management and education, innovation through the digitalisation and growing sustainability agenda of Tourism.

VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections - NOW CLOSED! 16
Detta Melia

TU Dublin
Dublin, Republic of Ireland

I am a lecturer and Programme Chair in Hospitality Management with Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and lecture a diverse range of modules. Before joining TU Dublin, I worked in a variety of hospitality and tourism organisations including the government banqueting and conference centre; This centre was responsible for hosting numerous national and international events including Ireland’s hosting of the EU Summits. As an assistant Conference and Banqueting manager is was responsible for all aspects of the development of the centre including staff, budgeting, strategy, marketing, finance, product development and staff training and development. Our responsibilities were to the Department of the Taoiseach (prime minister of the country). We bid for international events and conferences and hosted government international and corporate events.

I have a wide range of industrial experience in hospitality and tourism operations, predominately in senior management positions in Hotels, the Government Conference and Banqueting Centre, Funtrek-Crosson Travel, Failte Ireland (CERT: international Fund for Ireland; Co-operation North) and Tourism Ireland (Bord Failte; Hotel Inspector) and I have worked on a number of consultancy and training projects in Ireland and abroad including Vietnam and Laos in South-East Asia.

My organisation, TU Dublin (formerly DIT) has been a member of EuroCHRIE and ICHRIE for some considerable time, before that I was the only representative attending EuroCHRIE events and presenting papers at conferences.

My skill set including my experience and people skill matches the brief for the role as I continue to do research, attend conferences and publish.

I have the full backing of my organisation including Dr. Ralf Burbach who is currently President of ICHRIE.

I am a lecturer and Programme Chair in Hospitality Management with Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and lecture a diverse range of modules.

I completed my Doctorate with Loughborough University in the UK in January 2009. My Doctorate research ‘Towards Performance Measurement in Hotels: An Incremental Approach’ had a particular focus on small and medium-sized independently owned hotels in Ireland. This research recommended a number of structured performance management and measurement models for strategic hospitality management.

I have been elected to the College of Fellows of the Irish Hospitality Institute (IHI) for my contribution to Industry and education. I now serve on the Board of the IHI. I am the Programme Chair for the Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management Studies (TU154) in TU Dublin.

My industry engagements include serving as a Judge on the Good Food Ireland Best of The Decade Awards (October 2016), external examiner at the Waterford Institute of Technology for students progressing to Ph.D. research, Co-supervising a Ph.D student at DKIT, A  member of the Judging Panel for the Wexford Business Awards on behalf of Wexford Chamber of Commerce and on the panels of EuroCHRIE, ICHRIE and ICERI  to peer review papers for the EuroCHRIE, ICHRIE and ICERI annual conferences.

I have a number of publications and conference papers which are available on-line and in the TU Dublin ARROW Library. The most recent include The Future of Hospitality Education: Trends and Drivers for Change and the Growth of Resort Hotels in Ireland. Both papers have been presented the EuroCHRIE Conference September 2021. A paper, The Pivot to on-line learning and its implications: A case Study for Hospitality Management Education Prioritising the Part-Time Learner was presented at EDULearn 2022. An additional paper, Food Tourism: Cases from Food Tourism Providers’ Networks, was presented at EuroCHIE 2022.


One (1) Candidate

VOTE NOW! 2023 EuroCHRIE Elections - NOW CLOSED! 17
Anne Conneally

Anglia Ruskin University, London
London, United Kingdom

My first introduction to EuroCHRIE was in 2013 at the EuroCHRIE conference in Freiburg.  At this conference, I presented an academic paper, enjoyed the social gathering associated with the ‘First-Time Attendees Reception’, and consequently contributed a summary of my experience to the EuroCHRIE newsletter.

Since that time, I have continued to support the EuroCHRIE federation, community, and leadership team. I have held the role of Area Consultant to the UK and was then elected to the position of Director of Member Services and Development. I currently serve as the Interim Secretary to the Board, and I now wish to stand for the 2-year position of EuroCHRIE Federation Secretary.

I pledge to commit to the provision, of a high level of engagement, quality, and communication across all duties, of the role. I serve to work closely with the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and Area Consultants – to ensure we deliver the best value to our members and the wider community.

Anne Conneally works as a Higher Education Consultant with Anglia Ruskin University, London. Her area of specialism pertains to Hospitality Business Management and Human Resource Management. Her academic credentials include a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Sheffield Hallam University, a BSc in Hospitality Management, Dublin Institute of Technology, and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, National University Galway, Ireland.

Anne has dedicated working hours to the international hospitality industry, living and working in Ireland, Germany and the United States of America. She has shared her personal, professional and academic knowledge across the globe - delivering at conferences in Lausanne, Berlin, Dublin, and Florida and teaching in Denmark, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and Cologne. Anne has been instrumental in supporting the validation of hospitality programmes at business schools in Mauritius and Vietnam and views these as essential success stories for the future and sustenance of the hospitality industry.

Anne is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, a Fellow of the Institute of Learning and Teaching Academy, CIPD registered and is a certified Emotional Intelligence coach working as a consultant as well as embedding the practice into her teaching.

Henri Kuokkanen

Henri Kuokkanen
May 21, 2023

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