Hjalte B. Mansa

Hjalte B. Mansa
May 11, 2021


We are sad to announce the passing of Andy Heyes

On Saturday night we lost a dear colleague, partner, friend, collaborator, a son of the service and hospitality industry.

One of our youngest stars has been taken from us and we are left with a world, that is poorer, a world that now misses one of the brightest upcoming talents I have met in my years, active across the global network of hospitality academia.

Andy Heyes MIH, former Area Consultant for EuroCHRIE, independent consultant, international lecturer at a range of Europe’s hotel management schools such as IUBH, Luxury Hotelschool Paris, SRH, Anglia Ruskin, Sotheby’s Institute, UCL Lillebaelt, and Wittenborg, was taken from this world at too young an age.

About to turn 29, he had not only already a strong academic record, but he further was and still will be remembered as the individual with the highest marks on record in his Dual Master’s degree, with Honours at the University of Derby and NHL Stenden. Well-recognized research and recently mentioned by American colleagues as a potential PhD candidate in luxury, one of his lifelong goals.

Standing as one of his global colleagues being together in the pool of young academics in the university industry, I knew Andy as the caring and helping individual who would always be ready to help and support others, even if it was at his own expense. He was always ready with a new research collaboration proposal, a helping hand to students and colleagues alike, a discussion on everything academic – Personally, I know that my academic growth and learning, would never have been the same without him as my friend. Yet still, he would have a hard time helping himself with the stress he was finding through reaching his goals.

I never met anyone who did not love his cheery mood and go-getter spirit wrapped in the politest of spirits and a true picture of the hospitality discipline, that he was teaching. Whether it was students, faculty, or industry, a connection was always created, a memory made, a joke cracked, a helping hand given.

With the world at his feet, he fell, and we lost not just a colleague in our midst, but a true friend and aspiring personality, every day being the hospitality spirit he was so passionate about.

While Andy struggled with his own internal battles, he was still passionate about the very same challenges in public, striding to discuss and work, for the mental health of the young, the British & the hospitality industry. I have spent countless nights in various cities across the European continent, discussing these topics with him, always meeting a kind soul, who wished to help.

As such, it is my hope, that we will not let his passing go on, without remembering those in need and who might be struggling. We must remember our colleagues, our closest, our friends and be there for an answer that might have more depth than “I’m doing fine”.

I know that one of his biggest wishes, was for his memory to live on in his works,
As such, may we all remember him in papers, in meetings, in students, in curriculum, in laughs, in dinners, in the happiness that he brought to our world.

I will miss my friend, for the rest of my life,

Hjalte Mansa
EuroCHRIE Director of Members
Adjunct at UCL Lillebaelt

Hjalte B. Mansa

Hjalte B. Mansa
May 11, 2021

Last updated on June 15, 2021