Peter Russell

Peter Russell
August 9, 2022


A Message from the EuroCHRIE President (2022/23)

Dear EuroCHRIE family and friends,

I am honoured to have been elected last year as vice president, which now means I have the further privilege to step into the role of president this summer. I am very proud to be part of EuroCHRIE and I am grateful to now have this opportunity to drive the organisation forward in this leading role. I have been part of EuroCHRIE since 2011 and have been on the board since 2015, so I know where we have come from over recent years and I know where we want to take this forward in the coming years. I will certainly carry on all of the good work completed by my predecessors. I have had the pleasure of working closely with the past presidents over recent years, so a big thank you to John, Anders, Ralf, Chrystel, Xander and Henri.

The items I set forth for us within my platform statement remain as the core goals I see for us as an organisation,

  1. Develop further value to members through collaboration, networking and support
  2. Champion education and research across all channels and networks
  3. Strengthen connections with other federations and across institutions
  4. Drive forward innovative delivery through online and hybrid formats

We have an exceptionally strong board of directors who together will make all of this happen. So thank you in advance to all of the board for your effort and dedication to achieving all of this and thank you also for all of the work you have done over recent years as well.

Our annual conference is such a big part of what we do as EuroCHRIE and it is always great to see everyone and lean and network together. Last year we had our first conference since the COVID pandemic started, which was in Aalborg, Denmark. This was a very special event and I’d like to pay tribute to the full team from UCN for delivering this in very difficult circumstances.

Our focus now moves to the conference this year in Wittenborg, where will have another exceptional event for all of you. If you have not registered for the conference, please sign-up now as this will be a conference not to be missed. The theme this year is on shaping the future of education and there could be no better time or location for us all to come together and do this. As always there will be a wealth of education sessions, keynotes and the best networking you can find.

This year is also the year we mark the 75th anniversary of ICHRIE, which is celebrated at the ICHRIE conference in Washington DC. It is great for us as one of the ICHRIE federations to be part of this global family. We now have Fran Brasseax leading ICHRIE forward, which is great news for all of us as the wider CHRIE family.

As you will gather from what I have written above, all of this happens due to the hard work of everyone involved. This includes the EuroCHRIE board, Rai Shacklock our fantastic administrator and all members, partners, sponsors and all associated with the organisation. Thank you all for your time and support for EuroCHRIE.

I look forward to meeting all of you during my year as president. Whether this is in person at the conference, at an online event or via email. Thank you very much.

Peter Russell
EuroCHRIE President (2022/23)

Peter Russell

Peter Russell
August 9, 2022

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