Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
June 1, 2020


World Sustainability Panel – Hygiene and Sustainability: How to make both work?

As we know, cleanliness and sanitary conditions in hotels are linked to health risks and thus critical to guests’ attitudes and behavioral intentions.

Hygiene has been identified as a key risk and is high on the agenda of hoteliers and guests alike. So the debate is not about hygiene and cleanliness issues. The issue is about single-use plastic, packaging, and other waste associated with cleaning policies and hygiene protocols.

So, where lies the sweet spot between hygiene rule compliance and sustainability? Must there be a trade-off? Are there Best Practices to share?

Thanks to my panel co-host, Franziska Altenrath for authoring the topic and to you the experts: Jo HendrickxMarloes KnippenbergAndreas KochNancy Loman Scanlon PhD MA CHEJulia MasseyCatherine DoltonTrevor GirardArjan van Rheede, Frauke Fischer, Henri KuokkanenSuzann HeinemannXenia zu HohenloheKathy Sue McGuire, ISSP-SA & Eric Ricaurte for sharing your view.

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Thank you for pausing and reflecting on what is happening and offering valuable insights

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Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
June 1, 2020

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