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What is the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA)?

The Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA) is the leading certification for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professors, in Hospitality and Tourism programs. This recognition provides evidence of a thorough knowledge of the foundational metrics, definitions, formulas and methodologies that are used by the hotel industry. Recipients have proven that they can ‘do the math’ and interpret the results. They have demonstrated an ability to analyze various types of hotel industry data and to make strategic inferences based upon that analysis. Certification also confirms a comprehensive understanding of benchmarking and performance reports that are used by industry professionals. Recipients have a grasp of the current landscape of the hotel industry, including relevant current events. Achieving this distinction announces that these students have a place among the best graduates in their profession and opens the doors to future career opportunities. Qualifying students receive a certificate of accomplishment. Their names and schools are listed on the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) website and they can use the CHIA designation on their resume/CV and business cards.

The certification is based upon four core content areas:

  • Hotel Industry Analytical Foundations
  • Hotel Math Fundamentals – the metrics used by the Hotel Industry
  • Property Level Benchmarking with STAR Reports
  • Hotel Industry Performance Reports (Trends, P&L, Pipeline and Destination Reports)

A detailed outline of the training content and a sample exam are available. CHIA training includes case scenarios, hints, sample reports, industry ‘tricks of the trade,’ analysis examples, quizzes, discussion questions, and application exercises where participants gain hands-on experience working with hotel data.

Who should attend a CHIA workshop?

Professors and instructors teaching the next generation of hotel and tourism industry professionals as well as affiliated industries where understanding hotel analytics would be important. Students that would like to set themselves apart from their peers by having the CHIA Certification.

How do I get the CHIA certification after I’ve attended a workshop?

There are online and hardcopy versions of the exam. The test may be administered immediately after a workshop or at a later date online. This information and other details are available by emailing

  • There are 50 questions on the exam and a minimum score of 70% must be obtained. Retakes are available.

Please email to find out if your school is a member of the STR SHARE Center and which instructors may be authorized to offer the CHIA examination.

If I attend a workshop and obtain the CHIA certification, would I then be able to offer the training to the students at my school?

Absolutely! During each session we present the CHIA content and prepare instructors to be able to present the CHIA training at their own universities. We show how you can personalize the training related to your own city or country or any area of the world that you are interested in studying. We can help connect you with other instructors that have successfully offered the CHIA training at their schools so that you may discuss what worked well for their program. Schools are presenting the certification training to students in labs and optional workshops as well as courses in lodging operations, revenue management, finance and capstone classes. There is an abbreviated version of the CHIA certification called the Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics (HIFIA) specifically geared for two-year schools, technical programs and emerging nations.

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1-Day Workshop

Professors/Instructors Registration: The workshop and certification is free to faculty of STR SHARE Center member schools. If your school is not a member of the STR SHARE Center, there is a brief enrollment form to complete for a complimentary trial membership. The objective is to learn the material so that you may deliver the training to students at your school.  Faculty do not earn the standard CHIA certificate, but rather a special CHIA Authorized Instructor certificate the first time they take a group of students at their school through the training and exam.  Register via email to

Students Registration & Fees: The workshop is $150 which includes the workshop and certification fee. Register via email at

Industry Professionals Registration & Fees: The workshop and certification fee is $595. For AHLA members, a discounted price of $545 is available. Register via email to

2-Day Workshop

Professors/Instructors Registration: The workshop and certification is free to faculty of STR SHARE Center member schools. If your school is not a member of the STR SHARE Center, there is a brief enrollment form to complete for a complimentary trial membership. Register via email to

Students Registration & Fees: The workshop is $195 which includes the workshop and certification fee. Register via email at
Industry Professionals Registration & Fees: The workshop and certification fee is $695. For AHLA members, a discounted price of $645 is available. Register via email to

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I had the pleasure of working with the STR data and STAR reports as teaching tools in my hospitality-tourism courses. STR Reports and data are the most useful analytical tools I ever used in hospitality tourism classes. The BEST part of using STR data is the technical support and ongoing help one gets from the STR Office staff. They are truly incredible partners in hospitality education and hotel analytics. The hotel data they provide is worldwide in reach and it is unparalleled in quality and timeliness. I even used STR data for in my recent travels for research in Hungary, Serbia and several other countries.

– H.G. Parsa, Professor, Hospitality Management, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

The School of Hospitality Leadership at East Carolina University has been part of the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA) since the pre-pilot days. The integration of the exam and its corresponding materials has enhanced the professional recognition of our students and supported them in their job searches. SHL typically has 40 students taking the CHIA exam each semester. Since its introduction to the curriculum, almost one hundred fifty students have earned the CHIA designation. The CHIA material is integrated in my own class focusing on financial management and has assisted students in handling more complex problems. They strengthen their decision making skills by focusing on the interpretation of data. The CHIA program integrated with ECU academics and combined with industry experience has been a positive addition to student education and professionalism.

– Robert M. O’Halloran, Ph.D., Professor and Director, School of Hospitality Leadership, East Carolina University

The SHARE Center is invaluable to our faculty. Having access to timely, relevant industry information is critical for us as we prepare the next generation of leaders. In addition to the continually updated content STR provides us for incorporation into our classrooms, they are incredibly accessible and helpful in fulfilling ad hoc requests for data for the purposes of illustration or research. I cannot imagine a Hospitality program not using the SHARE Center and engaging with the professionals at STR!

– Rex Warren, Assistant Professor, The International Hotel College, Johnson and Wales University

The hospitality students at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences have been very intrigued by the CHIA Certification. The students are very interested in studying revenue management and see it as a possible future area for a profession. The CHIA certification supports their professional growth and recognition well. Many of the skills learned and practiced, like formulas, analyzing outcomes, benchmarking reports, the interpretation of different types of data and strategic decision making are essential and valuable managerial skills. I strongly recommend cooperation with the SHARE Center and the CHIA Certificate to other universities and hospitality schools everywhere.

– Nina Niemi, Senior Lecturer, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

The CHIA certification has enabled my students to be more prepared for their future jobs in the hotel industry by giving them exposure to and learning one of the most used reports in the industry, the STAR report. In addition to their increased skills on reading and interpreting this report, their analytical skills in general have increased after earning this certification since many of the analytical skills used to read the STR reports are easily transferable to other reports. Many students have told me that after getting the certification and applying for jobs those potential employers are impressed with the student having the certificate and their current analysis skills right out of school.

– Toni Repetti, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada Las Vegas

The CHIA has been a great addition to our HRMT program here at Auburn, and we continue to offer it to our undergraduate and graduate students, with great success, since the very first year the CHIA was introduced by the SHARE center. Here at Auburn, we moved over the years from offering it to our students on an optional basis, to mandating it as part of our capstone course, to now a separate class; Hospitality Industry Analytics is also one of our proposed core courses for our graduate students in the new curriculum, both on-campus and online.

– Baker Ayoun, Ph.D., June M. Henton Endowed Professorship and Graduate Programs Officer, Hotel & Restaurant Management Program, Auburn University

As a faculty, we felt that CHIA knowledge and certification were required knowledge for our graduates. As such, we added the CHIA material in our lectures and the certification to a required Advanced Hotel Operations course. All of our graduates will be exposed to the CHIA training and take the CHIA certification exam. Our industry advisory board is thrilled with this requirement. We have had several graduates that have entered the hotel industry communicate with us that they frequently are involved in meetings that discuss STAR reports on their first day on the job, and they appreciate being able to understand the reports and contribute to the discussion. It makes a tremendous impression when a new employer assumes that a new graduate knows nothing about STAR reports and they are able to contribute from day one.

– Dr. Daniel J. Mount, Associate Professor, School of Hospitality Management, Penn State University

Understanding the dynamics of demand and the market place is essential to applying successful revenue management strategies in the hospitality industry. The Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA) offered by the STR SHARE Center, has been a very valuable addition to our revenue management courses at Northern Arizona University. Students learn the Key Performance Indicators and can understand them and develop good selling strategies to maximize total hotel revenue. They see real time reports and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully use them. This understanding is demonstrated when we attend actual revenue management meetings at major hotels and resorts in the Phoenix/Scottsdale market and our student are able to understand both the reports used and the resulting discussions of the management team. They would not be able to do this without the valuable information learned while preparing for the CHIA examination. It forms the foundation of our Revenue Management classes.

– Jonathan A. Hales, Ph D., Associate Professor, Revenue Management and Hospitality, Accounting and Finance, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Northern Arizona University

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