Wild World – Wild Places: Why biodiversity matters for tourism & hospitality sectors

14 Oct 2020 – Covid-19 is a zoonotic disease – one that is transmitted from animals to humans. More than half of all diseases that emerged in the last decades belonged to this group. The present pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg from the consequence of rainforests destruction and illegal wildlife trade.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are the basis for human wellbeing and fundamental for every economic activity. For the hospitality sector, these are an important economic asset. However, the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services for the sector is often not considered. Future sustainability efforts of the hospitality sector need to take into account that saving rainforests is much more than protecting nature. It is about protecting your business – much more than you might think.

Speakers: Dr. Willy Legrand (w.legrand@iubh.de), Dr. Frauke Fischer