Interactive Sustainability: The Net Positive Hospitality Simulation

24 January 2024 – The Net Positive Hospitality Simulation aims to empower and educate leaders and students in the hospitality sector, providing practical ways to implement a path towards Net Positive Hospitality. The simulation enables users to manage a hotel for seven years, implementing sustainability initiatives and observing their impacts. The simulation integrates major global challenges, from labor rights, energy and water efficiency to community involved and biodiversity to name a few. Participants receive feedback and performance analysis related to People, Planet, Place, and Prosperity (the 4Ps) after each decision-making round. The outcome is a deeper understanding of sustainability actions and the formation of tailored sustainability action plans. Join us for a webinar featuring the Net Positive Hospitality Simulation and ways to integrate the simulation within your institution curriculum and, ultimately, showcasing how hospitality can actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

Webinar was led by:

  • Claire Whitely
    Head of Environment at Sustainable Hospitality Alliance
    – on Net Positive Hospitality
  • Tim Rogmans
    Managing Director at Sim Institute
    – on designing the Net Positive Hospitality Simulation
  • Willy Legrand
    Professor at IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    – on working with the Net Positive Hospitality Simulation

Webinar Slides

Elevate your Sustainability Skills: The Net Positive Hospitality Simulation

Here is your challenge:

You are the manager of a hotel (e.g. small, medium or large; a city or resort; in a tropical or temperate climate – you choose!) and you need to make as much progress as possible towards the achievement of Net Positive Hospitality in a period of 7 years – can you do it?

This is one of the most exciting simulations bridging theory and practice in an engaging, and cooperative manner in classrooms and boardrooms:

  • What decisions impact emissions, water consumption, waste generation and biodiversity?
  • Which action must I take to ensure employee engagement and retention?
  • Should I hire an ESG officer or rather invest in staff training on sustainability?
  • What are the high-impact high-investment decisions versus medium or low-impact actions to achieve continuous progress?
  • My destination suffers from a drought…what are my options?
  • and and and…

This is about making the best decisions considering also the impacts on guest satisfaction, community prosperity, RevPar and profits… a practical way to create tailored sustainability action plans, understand the impact of decisions, and appreciate the importance of sustainability in management roles.

Curious how this works and see if you can turn a hotel into a net positive business?

  1. Access the Net Positive Hospitality Simulation
  2. Watch the webinar
  3. Download the supporting slides.

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