Why Studying Hospitality Management Matters Now More than Ever

24 July 2020 – The 2020 pandemic has exposed many of the weaknesses in our industry, in terms of risk and hazard management, contingency and resiliency plans but also in the way we blindly deal with our environment. The ways the industry currently deals with the situation offers a glimpse into the crisis management endeavors in building a business case for resiliency. The hospitality industry has shown to be one of the most innovative sectors in times of crisis but also one of the most affected. Our Hospitality Management graduates are at the forefront, managing the industry through this crisis. With climate emergency and biodiversity collapse in our hands, what skills and knowledge is required in our industry towards a Green Recovery? What is the outlook? What are the data showing? Why studying hospitality management now is of crucial importance to develop a resilient hospitality industry in a post COVID-19 world – Find out more in this special session.

The 24 Hour Sustainable Hospitality Hackathon: Highlight Report

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