Chrystel Masdupuy

Chrystel Masdupuy
April 15, 2020


EXTENDED: Submit nominations for the EuroCHRIE 2020 Elections

It is that time of year again when the EuroCHRIE Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the EuroCHRIE Board.

Deadline extended: Friday 1st May 2020

We have extended the closing date for Board Nominations due to the current situation so if you would like to be nominated for these EuroCHRIE Board positions then please send an expression of interest to me Chrystel Masdupuy Chair of the Nominating Committee by the extended date of no later Friday 1st May 2020. After this date you will be asked to send a letter of support from your institution, a photo, a bio and a platform statement to

To stand for election you must be a paid-up member of EuroCHRIE (or the named Premium or Institutional member at your institution).

The following posts are advertised:

Vice President/President Elect/Immediate Past President (3 year)

The Vice President of the Federation shall serve a one-year term commencing during the Annual ICHRIE meeting and will succeed the current President at the termination of the President’s term of office. He/she will attend all Board meetings and all business meetings of the Federation; will act for the President in his/her absence or disability. The Vice President shall be responsible for planning and implementing the programs of the Federation to reflect ICHRIE’s vision and strategic plan; co-chair the Conference Committee; co-ordinate all formal relations / associations of the Federation in co-operation with allied associations, societies, and industry and government organisations.  The Vice President will serve on the ICHRIE strategic planning committee. 

Director of Education (2 year)

He/she plays a vital role in EuroCHRIE ‘s educational role by ensuring that EuroCHRIE conferences are tuned in to members’ aspirations in terms of theme, speakers, and paper presentations.  He/she works with the Board of Directors to oversee the processes of getting newsworthy articles to raise the profile of organisation and its members. He/she will be expected to contribute articles for the newsletter.   The Director for Education will be a member of the ICHRIE Education Committee.

Director of Conferencing and Networking (2 year)

He/she plays a vital role ensuring the smooth running of the conference organisation. He/she works closely with the Vice President, chair of the Conference Committee, and as co-chair of the Committee (Article X: Section 3c) steers it towards the common goal, for which the Conference Bid Document acts as action plan. He/she will work with the Directors of Education and Research to ensure the educational and research components of the annual conference are satisfactory.  The Director also keeps track of conference finances by working closely with the current conference organisers, and assists with the development of the mini market place by inviting exhibitors and sponsors. He/she will be expected to contribute articles for the newsletter.  The Director will serve on ICHRIE’s networking committee. 

Director for Communications and Marketing (2 year)

He/she will work to ensure effective communications and a constructive relationship between ICHRIE and EuroCHRIE, and the various officers, and members within EuroCHRIE itself. He/she will ensure that EuroCHRIE’s communication goals are attained through good contact with the media, liaison with “allied” organisations and dissemination of information through the newsletter, (Article XIV: Section 7a) and other media channels. He/she works with the Board of Directors to oversee the processes involved in sponsorship and production of the newsletter. The Director will oversee the website of EuroCHRIE as an effective communication tool.  The Director works to promote and market EuroCHRIE through “allied” organisation’s events and conferences.

If you require further information, then please read the bylaws, and do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes

Chrystel Masdupuy
Chair of the EuroCHRIE Nominating Committee

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Chrystel Masdupuy

Chrystel Masdupuy
April 15, 2020

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