Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
October 30, 2021


HospitalityNet World Panel: Why is COP26 important to Hospitality?

Prof. Willy Legrand asks experts to provide feedback on why COP26 matters.

Two weeks of negotiations in November 2015 led to the Paris Agreement. The culmination of 20 years of discussions, concessions and compromises. I attended COP21 in Paris as an observer. Renewed optimism was felt on the conference premises and beyond.

Time for a quick reality check: climate change mitigation and adaptation is hard work, large-scale transformation to net zero requires commitment across the board and we have a long way to go. This applies to all sectors including the hospitality industry.

So with COP26, at our door, experts take stock of where we stand and why this next round of talks is important (or not).

  • Why is COP26 important?
  • Why should the hospitality industry care?
  • Is green recovery actually happening and can COP26 foster this somehow?

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Special thanks to:
Inge Huijbrechts, MBANelly O Gedeon, EE, MBAPatrick O’​ MearaCassia PatelMarloes KnippenbergXenia zu HohenloheJohanna WagnerSarah Habsburg-LothringenLucienne MosqueraTrevor GirardNancy Loman Scanlon PhD MA CHEFederico VignatiDr Jonathon DayDr. Frauke FischerIoannis S. Pantelidis PhD, FIH, CMBE, SFHEABenjamin LephilibertFranziska Altenrath; Stefan Gössling; Celine VadamSuzann Heinemann Ricardo Moreira; and Margaret Steiner

Prof. Dr. Willy Legrand
Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
October 30, 2021

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