EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
June 16, 2022


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Xander Lub
Chair of the EuroCHRIE Nominating Committee

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Candidate Details

EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
June 16, 2022

Last updated on July 19, 2022

Vice President / President-Elect / Immediate Past President

Cast your vote in the 2022 EuroCHRIE Elections 10
Steven Rhoden

University of Central Lancashire
Preston, United Kingdom

I have been an active member of EuroCHRIE since 2004, as a researcher and part of its leadership team. I am Secretary of EuroCHRIE and have served on its Executive Board since 2019. Between 2014-2019, I was EuroCHRIE’s UK Area Consultant, and the 2015 Manchester EuroCHRIE Conference Chair.

I am now standing for Vice President of EuroCHRIE to build our profile as an impactful, inclusive and innovative educational and research organisation that serves its members to transform students’ lives and to respond sustainably to the global post-Covid revitalisation of the hospitality and tourism sectors and local economies.

I aim to provide you, as EuroCHRIE member, with value for money through an engaging programme of professional development and a blended platform for sharing good practice. I will work to enhance our culture of cooperation and inclusivity so EuroCHRIE can allow you to realise your potential and that of your students.

Higher education leader, educator and researcher. First-in-family to go to university and passionate about widening participation in Higher Education. Committed to providing transformational opportunities for learners and businesses through outstanding education, research and knowledge exchange.

I am Dean of the School of Business at the University of Central Lancashire and Professor of Business Engagement. My research interests include transport and tourism, the experience economy, cultural tourism and tourism/hospitality education. I have published research papers in peer-reviewed academic journals and presented at international tourism and transport conferences. I am a reviewer for leading tourism and management journals.

I am the President of EuroCHRIE (European Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education). I sit on EuroCHRIE’s Executive Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of International CHRIE. I have been an active member of EuroCHRIE since 2004 and served on the Board of Directors since 2012, first as Area Consultant for the UK and then Federation Secretary and Vice President. In 2015, I was Conference Chair for the EuroCHRIE Annual Conference in Manchester, UK.

I am a Chartered Association of Business Schools Certified Management and Business Educator (CMBE), Senior Fellow of Advance HE (SFHEA) and a Member of the Institute of Travel and Tourism, and the Institute of Place Management. I also serve as a Quality Assessor for the Office for Students.

Director of Education

Cast your vote in the 2022 EuroCHRIE Elections 11
Mats Carlbäck

Örebro University
Örebro, Sweden

Even before the current devastating Corona-crisis, recruitment, engagement and retaining of talent were the most pressing challenges for the hospitality industry. How the situation will look post-Corona is extremely hard to predict, but it will most certainly entail the same challenges, albeit in a different, not yet known, format.

Education may not be the sole answer to the industry’s difficulties when it comes to talent management in the future, but it could very well be the single most important factor. Better, more relevant, adjusted, and balanced education on all levels, as well as being accepted by both academia and practitioners, could and should provide great opportunities to move forward. The current crises are revealing the dangers of being asset limited – like many hospitality companies – at the same time as the biggest asset, the human capital, is not really part of the equation.

This is, in many ways, a structural global problem. I have recently embarked on several research projects, trying to find ways of bringing education and the industry closer together to be able to develop the industry but not least the human capital side. The most central aspect will be to put a true value on education and a true value on human capital, and EuroCHRIE provides an important platform for this crucial topic.

Mats Carlbäck, PhD, holds a PhD in Business Administration from School of Business, Economics and Law from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mats is an assistant professor at the School of Culinary Art, Meal Science and Hospitality at Örebro University in his native Sweden. Next to his appointment at Örebro University, he is an associate professor of applied science at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Before his academic career Mats held managerial roles in Sweden, the UK and several other countries and owned and managed several businesses within the hospitality industry.

With a dedicated research focus on measuring the unmeasurable and make this understandable and applicable, Mats is teaching and researching within human resources, managerial accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, business development and strategic development in a hospitality or sport business context.

The measuring initiative also includes the educational sector, where Mats is both researching possible developments as well as creating new educational programs, courses, and concepts – often in collaboration with the industry.

Mats has for many years been an active member in the EuroCHRIE-family, as an area consultant for Sweden and since 2020 as Director of Education.

He has published in several prominent journals, published three books, presented at conferences all over the world and has received awards for his ground-breaking research.

Cast your vote in the 2022 EuroCHRIE Elections 12
Prof. Dr. Olgun Cicek

University of South Florida, United States

I have joined EuroCHRIE as an Area Consultant in 2005. I was elected as the Secretary followed by a Vice-President and President in 2010. I was actively involved in the orginizing and hosting the 2008 Dubai conference, first time outside Europe. I have been actively participating ICHRIE Deans & Directors meetings since 2019.

Based on my affiliation with EuroCHRIE for a long time,and my experience in and around European HEIs, I will be glad to rejoin the board and serve again with the suport of my network within the Euro CHRIE family.

I will be fostering close cooperation with the related Directors within the Board as well as with the ICHRIE Board to enlarge the education and training activities. I will also focus on introducing new innovative approaches, platforms, events etc.

Having 29 years of extensive experience and broad networking in Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Far East and in the USA, he is truly an international expert on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation within global higher education.

He serves as Vice President for CEENQA, Executive Board Member of IQA and YÖDAK. He is an international reviewer and evaluator on internal and external quality assurance and accreditation processes for program and institutional level for many quality assurance agencies within Europe and worldwide.

He is also serving as an advisory board member, accreditation committee member and international strategic council member for some agencies while participating in Quality Assurance related projects within the European Commission as well as World Bank with his teaching, research, accreditation and quality assurance experiences and networking in global higher education area.

Director of Research

Cast your vote in the 2022 EuroCHRIE Elections 13
Dai-In Danny Han

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences / Breda University of Applied Sciences
Maastricht / Breda, Netherlands

As Director of Research, I see it as my responsibility to uphold and elevate the quality of research that is conducted and presented amongst network members. This will primarily be achieved through standardizing paper and poster review policies for the EuroCHRIE conference including expanding the dedicated Board of Reviewers that was established recently and through creating new opportunities for early researchers to learn and develop their skillset through knowledge shared in the EuroCHRIE and ICHRIE network. One of such examples include the establishing of a global ICHRIE research marathon at annual CHRIE conferences that encourages cross-continental research across federations through mentoring and close collaboration with editors of leading tourism and hospitality journals. These types of initiatives will also be explored in small group meeting (SGM) setups aiming to specialize in key topics that allow researchers in this field to find each other and advance specific tourism and hospitality research areas.

Prof. Dr. Dai-In Danny Han is a professor at the research centre Future of Food at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and a senior researcher at Breda University of Applied Sciences. His research primarily focuses on the design and application of XR technology enhanced experiences and the impact on consumer psychology and behavior. Danny serves on editorial boards of various journals and is a founding member of the Creative Augmented and Virtual Reality Hub and the International Association of Immersive Technology Innovation. He has published and regularly reviews articles related to consumer experience research in hospitality, tourism, marketing and HCI.

Cast your vote in the 2022 EuroCHRIE Elections 14
Dr. Tracy Xu

University of Surrey
Surrey, United Kingdom

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented challenges for the hospitality, tourism and event industry globally. Research and education will be the key drivers for the recovery and EuroCHRIE is a perfect platform to support this. My focus will be on research collaboration and innovation to drive forward support across our membership. 
I would like to support the community of hospitality, tourism and event scholars, educators, and practitioners. Specifically, I will work closely with the conference committee to ensure adequate safeguards and protocols are in place for the paper review process. I will look into developing strategies to improve the quality of hospitality, tourism and event research. I am happy to develop forums and conduct workshops at the EuroCHRIE conference. I will support our members by investigating ways of expanding the role of EuroCHRIE in the community of hospitality, tourism and event scholars as well as bringing industry professionals together to explore research opportunities and address challenges in our industry.

Dr Tracy Xu is a Senior Lecturer at the SHTM, and Programme Leader for MSc Strategic Hotel Management. She is researching and teaching human resources management in the visitor economy. Dr Xu has authored over fifty refereed journal articles and conference proceedings publications. Her research has made major contributions to popular topics including wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and leadership. She has received Emerald Literati Award in 2021. Because of her strong research profile, she has been awarded as the Researcher of the Year in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Surrey. She is also a speaker at TEDxSurreyUniversity.

Director of Marketing

Cast your vote in the 2022 EuroCHRIE Elections 15
Yasemin Oruc

Hotelschool The Hague
The Hague, Netherlands

The community EuroCHRIE created, is a true source of inspiration for us as hospitality educators and researchers. It allows for great opportunities to be further explored, especially for our industry where providing seamless experiences and delivering up to date insights are key.

To be able to deliver great insights and create memorable experiences, communication is key. Understanding your stakeholders and how to connect with your audience are leading principles of success. This is where I wish to add value if I may be elected in the role of Director of Marketing. Creating a scalable format of communication by understanding the entire customer journey our stakeholders go through, and knowing when is the right time to communicate what message is what we need to achieve. Additionally, safeguarding the brand values while working towards the development of initiatives around communication, and market the EuroCHRIE federation is where I wish to create impact.

Yasemin Oruc (MSc. MBA) is research fellow in City Hospitality and senior lecturer in Marketing Innovation at Hotelschool The Hague. Yasemin has a background in marketing in the international luxury hospitality industry (e.g. Mandarin Oriental New York, Four Seasons Istanbul PPHE Hotel Group). She is an alumna of Hotelschool The Hague and completed her MBA at the Amsterdam Business School – University of Amsterdam, where she currently works on her Ph.D. - Reinventing City Tourism. As mindful marketing professional she likes to co-create meaningful experiences and work towards value creation for stakeholders involved.

Director of Conferences

Cast your vote in the 2022 EuroCHRIE Elections 16
Maggie Feng

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

The Director of Networking position, is vitally important for this group of hardworking and like-minded people to be able to serve the community in the coming years in whatever shape or form. The conference has a true added value to many educators, scholars, researchers, managers, directors of institutes in the hospitality, tourism, even, recreation sector. I would like tokeep working on this role and would like to see a truly sustainable process furtherestablished with correct recording of institutional memory of this organisation.I have started with baby steps, the conference website that is part of EuroCHRIE website is a painful start. The job is not done yet. I’d like to set up entire procedure, from definition of conference, expectation as conference host, bidding preparation, bidding guidelines & procedure, contract with host conference. I also would like to work with new Director of Marketing closely on conference marketing,promotion guidelines and including social media package. Additionally, aconference budget guideline, pricing guideline and EasyChair internal handbook plusdata management are still on my to-do list.I would like toachieve a package that all future conference can keep on working and improving however allow pre-defined minimum requirement to be met while letting each host to add their specialities to their conference.So much to do still.

Maggie Feng is a Member of the Board of the Wittenborg University Executive and, is CEO at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn (Headquarter), the Netherlands.

Next to Apeldoorn, Wittenborg also has campuses in Amsterdam &Munich. Around1200 Bachelor and Master students registeredin 2021, Wittenborg is one of the most international privately funded higher education institutes in the Netherlands. Students and staff at Wittenborg are from over 100 different countries. Department of Hospitality & Tourism ispart of Wittenborgfor more than 10 years.Wittenborg is also the host of EuroCHRIE’s 38th conference in October 2022.

As CEO, Maggie Feng is responsible forErasmus+ Projects,Event, Public Relations, Campus Development, Human Resource, Communication, internal Quality Assurance, and Student Support. She is an allrounder in management and is proud to be business-like and practical oriented with focus on the long-term vision. With the current development of Doctoral College and Research Centre, plus undergoing AACSB and AMBA accreditation, Maggie is determined to lead Wittenborg to become a top-ranking institute to contribute to Human Capital & Talent development.

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You must be a full member and a current paid member of EuroCHRIE. There is only one vote per member. Other votes will be disregarded.

The voting will close on Sunday 17th July 2022 @ 11.59 pm GMT. Votes and membership status will be verified and the successful candidate will be notified.

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