EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
May 24, 2024


VOTE NOW! 2024 EuroCHRIE Elections

We are seeking you to vote for the following positions:

You must be a full member and a current paid member of EuroCHRIE. There is only one vote per member. Other votes will be disregarded.

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Peter Russell
Chair of the EuroCHRIE Nominating Committee

Vice President

(Then: President-Elect & Immediate Past President)

One (1) Candidate

VOTE NOW! 2024 EuroCHRIE Elections 10
Yasemin Oruc

Hotelschool The Hague
The Hague, Netherlands

As a dedicated educator and researcher deeply immersed in the hospitality industry, I am honoured to stand for the role of Vice President for EuroCHRIE.

With a commitment to fostering collaboration, co-creation and innovation, I envision leveraging our community’s wealth of knowledge to propel us forward.

My diverse background in strategic marketing within esteemed hospitality establishments like Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons, coupled with academic pursuits, equips me to support inclusive practices and elevate guest experiences. Through my ongoing research on Reinventing City Tourism, I bring a different perspective to the table, focusing on urban tourism and inclusive destination communities.

My passion lies in co-creating meaningful experiences and fostering stakeholder value.

I have served on the EuroCHRIE Board as Director of Marketing for a number of years and have vigorously promoted the usage of social media. During this time, I actively pursued promoting our organisation and believe that I have succeeded in reaching a far wider audience with my frequent postings, and by writing a number of articles on our Website.

If elected, I will strive to facilitate inspiring dialogue, drive strategic initiatives, and ensure EuroCHRIE remains a beacon of inspiration and excellence in our beloved tourism, hospitality, and educational field.

Together, let us harness the power of knowledge dissemination to shape the future of hospitality education and research.

Yasemin Oruc (MSc. MBA) is research fellow in City Hospitality and senior lecturer in Marketing Innovation at Hotelschool The Hague. Yasemin has a background in marketing in the international luxury hospitality industry (e.g. Mandarin Oriental New York, Four Seasons Istanbul PPHE Hotel Group). She is an alumna of Hotelschool The Hague and completed her MBA at the Amsterdam Business School – University of Amsterdam, where she currently works on her Ph.D. - Reinventing City Tourism. As mindful marketing professional she likes to co-create meaningful experiences and work towards value creation for stakeholders involved.

Director of Marketing

One (1) Candidate

VOTE NOW! 2024 EuroCHRIE Elections 11
Kateryna Fedosova

Odesa National University of Technology
Odesa, Ukraine

I am Dr. Kateryna Fedosova, PhD, an associate professor at the Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business at Odesa National University of Technology (Ukraine), with over 15 years of experience. Additionally, I serve as a visiting lecturer at SRH Dresden School of Management. I am also the founder and owner of ConsultingHUB, a consulting and advertising agency that has provided restaurant consulting and marketing services across Ukraine and Europe for more than 15 years. My extensive academic and practical experience positions me uniquely to contribute to EuroCHRIE’s communication and marketing strategies.

Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to both academic excellence and practical applications in the hospitality industry. My academic roles have involved not only teaching but also research, focusing on the integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI) into the hospitality sector. These research interests complement my practical work through ConsultingHUB, where I have successfully launched and marketed dozens of restaurants in Ukraine, as well as projects in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Moldova, and Germany).

Given the rapidly evolving nature of marketing, social media management, and technology, I am well-versed in the latest trends and tools that can significantly enhance EuroCHRIE’s online presence. My goal is to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to your communication and marketing efforts. Moreover, the potential of your YouTube and Instagram channels remains largely untapped. I envision transforming them into leading resources within the industry, offering high-quality, engaging content that attracts a broad audience.

In terms of practical skills, I possess a wide range of competencies essential for the Director for Communications and Marketing role. These include advanced abilities in marketing, social media management (SMM), information technology (IT), design, and event management. My proficiency in creating promotional materials, corporate identities, presentations, video editing, copywriting, website administration, and targeted advertising allows me to handle various aspects of marketing independently or as part of a team. Additionally, my expertise in using AI for hospitality industry applications provides a cutting-edge advantage that can be leveraged for innovative marketing strategies.

One notable example of my event management skills was the La Fondation pour la Formation Hôtelière conference held in Odesa in 2018. I organized this event, which hosted 40 guests from 14 European countries, almost single-handedly, elevating its visualization and digitization aspects. Moreover, I organized several large-scale gastronomic festivals in Ukraine, each attracting over 1,000 guests. Additionally, in 2024, I was invited to join the organizing committee of the 6th International Research Roundtable at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (Brig) as a marketer and content creator for the event’s online promotional campaign.

Currently residing in Valencia, Spain, due to the war in Ukraine, I continue to deliver online lectures for my Ukrainian University and travel regularly to European institutions to conduct guest lectures and workshops. My active involvement in developing my personal brand and managing my social media presence ( further demonstrates my commitment to staying current with industry trends and practices.

I am confident that my practical experience, creative thinking, and innovative approach would be valuable assets for EuroCHRIE. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can collaborate to update and enhance your communication strategy, making it more modern, creative, and effective.

Kateryna Fedosova, PhD, is an Associate Professor at Odesa National University of Technology, specializing in Restaurant Business. She is the Head of restaurant consulting group with over 10 years of experience in developing and promoting restaurants. She lectures on various courses and supervises students' projects (Culinary Arts, Technology of Catering Products, F&B Operations, etc). Dr. Fedosova actively participates in international conferences, conducts seminars, is a member of the Southern Association of UA Chefs, EuroCHRIE, La Foundation pour la Formation Hoteliere and others. Currently residing in Valencia due to the war in Ukraine and also is a guest lecturer at SRH Dresden School of Management.

Director of Research

Two (2) Candidates

VOTE NOW! 2024 EuroCHRIE Elections 12
Cindy Heo

EHL Hospitality Business School
Lausanne, Switzerland

Achievements & Recognitions
Dr. Heo has received numerous research awards, including the Best Paper Award at the 2023 Euro CHRIE Conference, the Best Paper Award at the 2022 International Conference on Tourism and Social Science, and the Best Paper Award at the 2019 West CHRIE Conference. She has also been honoured with the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence, the ICOT Young Scientist Award, and the Best Paper Award at the APAC CHRIE Youth Conference. Furthermore, she has been recognized in the 2022 and 2023 updated lists of the World’s Top 2% of the most-cited scientists in various disciplines by Stanford University. Dr. Heo has successfully secured over ten funded research projects from both public institutions such as the State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation (SERI) and private sectors as a principal investigator. She has co-authored over 50 referred articles, of which 16 were published as a lead author.

Commitment to Research and EuroCHRIE
Dr. Heo’s steadfast commitment to advancing research in hospitality and tourism is evident through her active involvement in Euro CHRIE conferences. Her recent receipt of the Best Paper Award at 2023 Euro CHRIE conference for her work on interpretable machine learning methods in hotel demand forecasting further underscores her dedication to research excellence. Dr. Heo is enthusiastic about supporting research initiatives that align with Euro CHRIE’s objectives.

Vision as Director of Research
As Director of Research, Dr. Heo is eager to bring her dedication, expertise, and passion to Euro CHRIE. She aims to cultivate a culture of innovation, excellence, and inclusivity within the organization’s research community. With extensive experience and enthusiasm for research, she is poised to drive meaningful advancements in hospitality education and research.

Dr. Cindy Heo, currently an Associate Professor at EHL Hospitality Business School, previously held the position of Assistant Professor at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research primarily focuses on identifying key determinants for maximizing performance in the tourism and hospitality industry, with a specific emphasis on revenue management. In addition to contributing to the body of knowledge through academic research, Dr. Heo has dedicated considerable effort to ensuring that research findings are effectively applied to industry practice. Dr. Heo has extensive experience delivering custom executive education programs on revenue management strategy across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. She currently serves on the HSMAI Europe Revenue Optimization Advisory Board and has held significant editorial roles, including Coordinating Editor for the International Journal of Hospitality Management and Associate Editor for the International Journal of Consumer Studies. Additionally, Dr. Heo is a member of the editorial board of Tourism Management.
VOTE NOW! 2024 EuroCHRIE Elections 13
Dr. Tracy Xu

University of Surrey
Surrey, United Kingdom

I am Tracy Xu, Associate Professor at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey. Serving as Co-Director of the Future of Work Research Centre and Theme Lead of the Centre for Competitiveness of the Visitor Economy, I focus on researching and teaching human resources management in the visitor economy. With over 100 refereed journal articles and conference proceedings publications authored, my research has made major contributions to topics including wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and leadership. Recognitions include the Emerald Literati Award in 2021 and Researcher of the Year in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Surrey in 2019. Additionally, I am a speaker at TEDxSurreyUniversity. Since 2022, I have been serving as the Advisor for Graduate Research for EuroCHRIE, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to knowledge exchange and innovation, especially for early career researchers and PhD students.

My focus on the role of Director of Research will be on research collaboration and innovation to drive forward support across our membership. I aim to cultivate a robust community among hospitality, tourism, and event scholars, educators, and practitioners. Working closely with the conference committee, I will ensure rigorous safeguards and protocols for the paper review process, enhancing the integrity of our research output. I am committed to facilitating forums and workshops at the EuroCHRIE conference, providing platforms for knowledge exchange and skill development. Additionally, I will explore avenues to broaden EuroCHRIE’s influence within our community, forging stronger ties with industry professionals to address pertinent challenges and explore collaborative research endeavours. Together, we can propel the hospitality, tourism, and event industries forward through impactful research initiatives and meaningful partnerships.

Dr Tracy Xu is a Senior Lecturer at the SHTM, and Programme Leader for MSc Strategic Hotel Management. She is researching and teaching human resources management in the visitor economy. Dr Xu has authored over fifty refereed journal articles and conference proceedings publications. Her research has made major contributions to popular topics including wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and leadership. She has received Emerald Literati Award in 2021. Because of her strong research profile, she has been awarded as the Researcher of the Year in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Surrey. She is also a speaker at TEDxSurreyUniversity.

Director of Education

Two (2) Candidates

VOTE NOW! 2024 EuroCHRIE Elections 14
Amanda Miller

Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester, United Kingdom

I am a highly experienced tourism and hospitality educator, with a career spanning over 20 years. Holding a doctorate in Tourism Marketing and a Masters in Tourism Management, I have taught on a range of programmes in hospitality, tourism and events over all levels of study (undergraduate and postgraduate). I have held various leadership roles as an Associate Professor within my current institution, which have embraced the subject areas of tourism and hospitality and marketing. I am currently a University Education Innovation Scholar co-leading the Authentic and Flexible Assessment Strategic Community of Practice across the university and so driving pedagogic change. It has led to opportunities to co-design and co-lead institutional events to showcase and develop the institutional signature pedagogy. Through my own practice I am committed to ensuring student success through innovative curriculum design and utilising authentic, flexible assessments in the modules I teach. I am fully committed to the scholarship of tourism and hospitality through my own research publications and co-lead a research module for final year undergraduate students so to enthuse and excite students with the opportunity for developing their own research. This passion for supporting students in independent study projects, has also led to a recent collaborative project supporting two colleagues to showcase their innovative approach to engaging industry for co-creating and mentoring student research projects (as presented at the Lecturers Lounge at EuroCHRIE2023).

I have been a member of EuroCHRIE for over 10 years and have taken an active role in promoting and supporting the organisation within my institution, Manchester Metropolitan University. I have benefitted from the university having had a long-term commitment as a premium member of EuroCHRIE. I am a regular reviewer for submissions to the EuroCHRIE conference and have fully supported my colleagues in their endeavours to participate in the conference (through co-authoring and mentoring emerging scholars). In 2015, I was the programme chair when we successfully hosted the conference in Manchester after having attended my first EuroCHRIE conference in Dubai in 2014. I also have experience of leading innovative events to showcase educational excellence in subject areas including tourism and hospitality at the institutional, faculty and department level at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have a passion and desire to contribute to the continued success of EuroCHRIE and would bring insightful expertise and energy to the role of Director of Education. I will enact a collaborative supportive approach to achieve the necessary objectives of the role and would look to continue the excellent work of providing an inclusive environment for academics and students to learn, share, debate and bring positive impact to the community of EuroCHRIE.

Thank you for your consideration.

I am currently a University Education Innovation Scholar co-leading the Authentic and Flexible Assessment Community of Practice. At the institutional level, I am an elected member of Academic Board and actively engage in supporting curriculum development and approval processes. I am based within the Department of Marketing, International Business and Tourism in the Faculty of Business and Law. Within the department I line manage colleagues on the Education pathway and am committed to promoting and supporting all colleagues in engaging in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a means of showcasing their great practice. As a CMBE I encourage all Education focused colleagues to actively engage with CABS and achieve their CMBE. At a module level I co-lead on a large undergraduate independent study module and also a level 7 International Tourism and Hospitality module. I am engaged in external examining work and am currently a member of an International Collaborative Writing Group (ISSOTL).
VOTE NOW! 2024 EuroCHRIE Elections 15
Bora Kim

University of Surrey
Guildford, United Kingdom

Dr. Bora Kim is a senior lecturer and the Director of Learning and Teaching at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey. With a PhD and MSc in Hospitality Management from the Pennsylvania State University and a BBA in Hotel Management from Kyung Hee University, Dr. Kim brings a rich blend of international academic and professional experience from the United States, Korea, and the UK. As a Certified Hospitality Educator and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, she has played a pivotal role in shaping educational strategies, emphasizing the integration of social and environmental sustainability, digital capabilities, and global and cultural intelligence into the curriculum.

As a member of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Council for the Institute of Hospitality, I develop strategies and materials that foster an inclusive environment across the hospitality industry. Her leadership extends to overseeing significant educational programs and initiatives that prepare students for the dynamic challenges of the global hospitality industry.

I look forward to bringing this innovative approach to EuroCHRIE, aiming to strengthen connections between academia and industry and to enhance educational methods to meet evolving industry needs. My goal on the board is to drive educational innovation and foster effective collaborations that benefit all EuroCHRIE members and partners. I am excited to work with board members and the wider community to propel our educational initiatives forward, enriching both learners and the hospitality sector globally.

Dr. Bora Kim joined Surrey as a Lecturer in Hospitality Management in 2020. She examines managerially-relevant questions in the tourism and hospitality industry from the perspective of strategic and financial management. Particularly, she examines how characteristics of executives and corporate governance influence managerial actions and firm performance. Her research interests include corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and strategic leadership. Bora received her Ph.D. and MSc in hospitality management from the Pennsylvania State University on Fulbright scholarship funding and completed her BBA in hotel management at Kyung Hee University.
EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
May 24, 2024

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