Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
February 19, 2021


World Panel on Sustainability in Hospitality - Responsible Travel: How do we make booking sustainable hotels easier?

For our 12th World Panel on Sustainability in Hospitality, industry experts and fellow academics are looking in the area of online decision making.

Data and research are pointing to a demand that is building up and post-pandemic will see a surge in travel with purpose. But…

  • How do travelers easily have access to all information needed to make wise decisions on sustainable travel and hotels?
  • Where are the gaps in the search and booking stages?
  • And which company manages to fill those gaps well?
  • What are some best practices in showcasing hotel sustainability online?

Travelers, keen in making informed travel decisions coming out of the pandemic, and with a strong desire to book responsible suppliers, deserve to have the information at their disposal. Committed hoteliers deserve to reap the benefits of their continuous engagement in sustainability.

For all educators, this is a great source of information to sparks class discussion and debates, on- or offline!

Find out what the experts are recommending and suggesting must happen, thank you to Christopher Warren, PhD.Sarah HabsburgMarco LemmersCatherine DoltonHolly TuppenDr Jonathon DayMarloes KnippenbergXenia zu HohenloheMarina LaurentSuzann Heinemann Madhu RajeshJan Hein SimonsTrevor GirardCassia PatelPeter VargaHenri KuokkanenDaniel RubenJohanna Wagner,C Celine VadamDr. Frauke Fischer and Ioannis S. Pantelidis PhD, FIH, CMBE, SFHEA

Access the answers/recommendations/feedback:

Responsible travel: How do we make booking sustainable hotels easier?

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Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
February 19, 2021

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