Speaking Virtually - How to Boost Engagement

4 November 2020 – Speaking virtually requires extra skills to engage online audiences. In this video, learn how to increase engagement with your audience.

What’s covered?

  • Virtual speaking – at virtual events, at hybrid events and the rise of hybrid hubs
  • Predictions as to the Events Scene in 2021
  • Why skills in virtual speaking are more important than ever
  • Practical tips that apply to any virtual speaking gig

WATCH: Speaking Virtually - How to Boost Engagement 9

About Paul Cook

Paul Cook has been immersed in events for over 20 years, as a writer, researcher, speaker, facilitator, educator, advisor and producer. He is a content writer, hybrid and virtual events producer and founder of the Hybrid Event Centre. Building on his event risk management roots, his experience at Pinewood Film Studios and working with new technologies has naturally led him to working in and developing the application of virtual and hybrid events for business growth.

Paul can be contacted at paul@paulcook.co.uk

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