Overcoming Staffing Challenges in the Hospitality Industry

26 January 2022 – Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality operations across the world have been experiencing difficulties in attracting, identifying, developing, retaining, and deploying talent largely due to the poor perceptions of the working conditions in the industry. As hospitality businesses are embarking on a slow journey to recovery, they are often forced to do so without having the talent available to fill key positions in their organisations, as many of their former employees have moved into other sectors such as retail and healthcare.  Thus, the hospitality industry, now more than ever, must embrace best practice and innovative talent management solutions to create more sustainable talent pipelines.

With this background in mind, recent survey results by Hospitality Jobs Platform HOSCO.com, which boasts an excess of 1.5m graduate users and which lists in excess of 400 hospitality schools worldwide, illustrate that nine out of ten hospitality graduates are looking for positions, with two thirds of those looking for both hospitality and non-hospitality related jobs and one third looking for a role in hospitality. These results are hugely encouraging. But the hospitality industry must act on these and follow up with innovative ideas to attract and retain talent.

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The collection of articles included in a recently published book ‘Talent Management Innovations in the International Hospitality Industry’ edited by Dr Stefan Jooss, Dr Ralf Burbach and Dr Huub Ruel and published by Emerald Publishing Limited as part of its Talent Management Series, put forward a broad set of innovative talent management strategies and practices, ranging from employer branding, strategic talent management, and mentoring, to common talent pools and fostering creativity, among others, that organisations could capitalise on. 

In this webinar, hosted by EuroCHRIE, Stefan, Ralf and John will combine their expertise to explore some of these ideas and bring to the fore ways in which the hospitality industry could overcome their staffing challenges using innovative talent management practices.

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