Maria Velez 9

Maria Velez

Maria is an internationally experienced project/program manager, with strong competencies in the culinary and food and beverage businesses from the operational, managerial and educational perspectives.

As an Area Consultant for France, my main priorities would be:

1. Increase national cooperation
Bring in different hospitality and culinary schools to cooperate in activities, student and staff exchanges, and partnerships for future projects.

2. Enhance activities in Spain
There is a clear absence of participation from Spain in the EuroCHRIE activities, and an area consultant is missing. It would be ideal to bring in some of the important players, as Spain is a culinary force that needs to be brought to relevance in EuroCHRIE. As a native Spanish speaker, I believe I am fully capable of achieving this.

3. Strengthen the culinary management aspects that EuroCHRIE offer
While hospitality is still the core of EuroCHRIE, many of the member schools have a definite culinary management competency that can use strengthening. Therefore, it is vital to grow both pillars in future EuroCHRIE events.

4. Organize a sustainability in culinary schools workshop
Invite relevant speakers to a 1 to 2 day workshop, focused on the role and impact of culinary and hospitality schools in the current climate crisis, and how to address it from the academic perspective and schools’ internal operations.

Maria Velez

Program Director
Institut Paul Bocuse
Écully, France


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