Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
January 26, 2022


World Panel: The Best Sustainability Resources: Knowledge for Responsible Hoteliers

As we enter 2022, we all recognize the imperative to put commitments into actions. With a rapid increase in complex terms, advanced scientific output and global citizen interaction behind all topics under the umbrella ‘sustainability’, we need trustworthy information sources to contribute to the short, medium and long-term development and implementation of solutions while staying on top of the most important scientific outputs and business best practices.

While the internet has improved access to information and knowledge, it has also brought forth new forms of exclusion and inequity by creating a ‘tunnel-vision’; It then comes down to quality control over the information (and not the volume of information).

Experts were asked for recommendations where to find trusted, reliable, and credible sources for news, current events, and research with the following question in mind:

Thinking of generic sustainability material or hospitality-specific sustainability information, what are your Top 3 online resource recommendations for anyone wishing to stay on top of the game?

Check out the entries, from technical guidance on how to achieve Net Zero by 2050 to sources for climate solutions, environment and sustainability news to the latest on policy development affecting our sector, continue reading here below and a special thanks to:

Patrick O’​ MearaInge Huijbrechts, MBAMaribel Esparcia PérezMarloes KnippenbergEric RicaurteJo HendrickxSarah Habsburg-LothringenXenia zu HohenloheCassia PatelBastienne BernascoElena CavagnaroCeline VadamFlorian KaeferKathy Sue McGuire, ISSP-SEAJohanna Wagner

Access the answers/recommendations/feedback and promote in your network accordingly – some excellent material with hands-on recommendations as well:

The Best Sustainability Resources: Knowledge for Responsible Hoteliers


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Willy Legrand

Willy Legrand
January 26, 2022

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