International CHRIE

International CHRIE
February 22, 2024


Nominate a Colleague for a 2024 International CHRIE Award!

Many members of the ICHRIE family have selflessly given a huge amount of time and dedication to ICHRIE, its federations, hospitality, and tourism education, and the industry, or to bridge the gap between industry and academia. There are many reasons for nominating someone that you think deserves to be honoured.

Unfortunately, and frankly, we struggle every year to receive nominations in a timely fashion for our awards, even though we all know friends and colleagues who really stand out for what they do and who really deserve that recognition and that moment of glory on stage at the annual conference. There is a great variety of awards in different areas – whether it is research, teaching and learning, collegiality, or indeed a lifetime achievement award.

Please nominate a colleague or somebody you believe deserves to be honored with an ICHRIE Award!!

So please, take a moment to reflect if there is someone special that you think deserves an award. Then, go check out the different awards, and once you have found what you think would be the most suitable award go and nominate that person online using the link below or on the website. The great thing about the award nominations is that even if your candidate does not receive an award at this year’s conference in beautiful Montreal, they are automatically in the pot for the same award next year (of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will get it second time around).

Nominations are open for these awards:

  • Howard B. Meek Award
  • Stevenson W. Fletcher Award
  • Lifetime Research Achievement Award
  • Excellence in Teaching or Training Award
  • ICHRIE Research Award
  • Faculty Collegiality Award
  • McCool Breakthrough Award
  • Chef Herman Breithaupt Award
  • Emerging Leader Award (NEW this year!)
  • * Industry Recognition Award
  • * Raphael Kavanaugh Champion of Education
  • ICHRIE Medal of Honor

Description and Qualifications of the Awards

A few rules:

  • All nominators must be ICHRIE members at the time of nominations
  • Except for *, all Nominees must be ICHRIE members at the time of nomination and receipt of the award.
  • ICHRIE Board members and ICHRIE Awards Committee members are NOT eligible to receive an award.

Nomination Information & Criteria

This is such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our friends, colleagues, and members!

Who will YOU nominate?


Best wishes,

Ralf Burbach
ICHRIE Immediate Past President
Chair of the ICHRIE Nominations and Awards Committee
Past President of EuroCHRIE

If you have any questions about the awards, please let me know –

International CHRIE

International CHRIE
February 22, 2024

Last updated on March 27, 2024