Peter Russell

Peter Russell
May 17, 2020


Join the FIRST EuroCHRIE Online Networking Event

? Wednesday, 20th May 2020
⏰ 11am (BST) / 12pm Midday (CET) / 6am (USA ET)

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The hospitality industry is faced with a multitude of issues and challenges as the world deals with COVID-19 and starts to make plans for the recovery.

Join this informal meeting hosted by EuroCHRIE Director of Industry, Peter Russell to discuss these issues. This online session will be open and collaborative and be a good place to network with others from across the hospitality industry.

The session is for both educators and those from industry. Bring a cup of coffee to the session and we will see you there.

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Peter Russell

Hosted by:

Peter Russell

Russell Partnership Technology
London, United Kingdom

Date: May 20, 2020
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm (BST)

Peter Russell