Andy Heyes

Andy Heyes
May 14, 2020


Call for Articles – Research in Hospitality Management Journal

Luxury …. a world of desire and excess (Berry, 1994). While the concept is still considered to be somewhat mystical in its developments, no singular definition of the concept is in, predominantly because of the large amounts of cultural issues affecting the term’s definition and individual perceptions (Berry, 1994; Choi, 2003; Weidmann et al., 2007; Weidmann et al., 2009; Harkinson, 2017; 2018). Nevertheless, a wide range of variables are associated with luxury – including that of high price, exclusiveness and quality (Frank, 1999; Yeoman and McMahon-Beattie, 2006).  It could be suggested that luxury is continuously evolving – what is luxury today is not necessarily luxury tomorrow. This multi-dimensional concept also cuts across a wide range of academic areas (Heyes & Lashley, 2017).

Similarly, within the international hospitality industry, no singular definition of the term is in existence. The luxury markets within Europe, the Middle East and Asia, in particular, are continuously developing (Slattery, 2019), however arguments are starting to be raised based on the sustainability of the sector’s growth (Heyes & Nadkarni, 2017; Heyes and Nadkarni, 2020; Heyes & Cavagnaro, 2020) and simultaneously the levels of both practical and theoretical understanding which graduates are leaving schools, colleges and universities with prior to entering the industry (Minor & Heyes, 2020).

The sheer scale of the industry’s developments suggests that there is still a great deal of research to be done in order to meet demand. Literature on luxury hospitality and tourism is somewhat scarce however is very slowly starting to come develop (Swarbrooke, 2018). A considerable amount of academic literature explores the phenomenon of luxury and simultaneously that of hospitality, yet more needs to be done to bring the two concepts together.

This Luxury special edition of Research in Hospitality Management journal is looking for expressions of interest from both industry-related partners and fellow academics on the topics of (but not limited to):

  1. Luxury Hospitality Expansion – strategic shift etc.
  2. Luxury Hospitality – Service Quality and Delivery
  3. Luxury Hospitality – Cultural Differences
  4. Luxury Hospitality Education – the challenges
  5. Conspicuous and Inconspicuous Consumption
  6. Pricing and Revenue structures
  7. HR, Training and Development in the Luxury Hospitality and Tourism Industry’s
  8. Consumer Behaviour / Consumer Demographics
  9. Technology in Luxury Hospitality and Tourism
  10. Sustainability and Luxury

The aim of this special edition of the journal is to add further to the emerging luxury literature. The journal will have three sections – industry-led research/notes, academic-led research articles and finally, if applicable, student-led research/case studies during internships/placements etc. We hope this special issue will be of great value to multiple stakeholders.

Deadline for abstracts/expressions of interest: 1st June 2020
Deadline of acceptance: 15th June 2020
Deadline for full article submission: 1st August 2020
Publishing Date of journal: October 2020

Please email expression of interests as well as possible sponsorship interest to Andy Heyes

Andy Heyes

Andy Heyes
May 14, 2020

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