EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
October 29, 2023


The 10th Annual EuroCHRIE University Challenge

Going into its tenth year, the EuroCHRIE Challenge provides a fantastic opportunity for students to operate a simulated hotel in a dynamic, true-to-life competitive environment all the while developing their Business Acumen skills.  Space is limited.  Please reach out if you’d like to participate!


Experience professional-level management training used globally in the hospitality industry. Students consolidate their studies, blend them with e-learning lessons, and apply them in a real-time competition with other school teams. Participants receive a certificate in Hotel Business Acumen, enhancing their market value. Certificates are well-regarded by recruiters. Winning team members receive a €125 award, and their instructor gets €400 towards EuroCHRIE 2024 travel and accommodation.


  • Weekly activities include a 60-minute e-learning lesson in lodging acumen, a 60-minute web conference with the online coach, and a 60-minute decision meeting to strategize for the next business quarter.
  • Teams of four senior students and one instructor are supported by an online industry coach using e-learning, web conferences, and email.
  • The simulation competition uses REVsim®, a leading lodging simulation praised by hotel professionals globally.

Competition Schedule

  • Held during the weeks beginning: February 12th, February 19th, February 26th, March 4th, March 11th, and March 18th.
  • Mandatory one-hour web conference each Wednesday.


  • Participating students enhance their education by integrating course learning and gaining insights into business realities, documented with a certification.
  • The team “win” is based on the best Balanced Scorecard, considering market performance, profit, return on equity, guest loyalty, and staff performance.


  • The EuroCHRIE University Challenge is open to teams from member colleges and universities.
  • Registration is first-come, completed by the Instructor/Coach.
  • Team member names can be added later.
  • To register, email your name and school name to Heidi Anaya at Contact for questions and assistance.
EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
October 29, 2023

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