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Paul Jackson

Federation Administrator

Paul Jackson, a Board member from 2006 to 2013, transitioned from a 34-year career at Marks and Spencer to become a dedicated educator. Serving as Area Consultant and later as Board Secretary, he earned a BA, MBA, and contributed over 20 years as an Open University Tutor and 15 years at Coventry University.

Paul Jackson was a member of the Board from 2006 until 2013. During that time, he served initially as an Area Consultant and for the last five years he was the Secretary to the Board. Paul worked as a Senior Manager for 34 years in Marks and Spencer obtaining a BA, MBA whilst working before pursuing his passion for training and teaching. He worked as a Tutor with the Open University for over 20 years as well as working at Coventry University for over 15 years. He was Head of Department for Strategy and Applied Management [Inc Sports, Tourism and Hospitality] for 5 years as well as being an Associate Professor in Strategy and Management. He introduced a highly successful Event Management programme which is now one of the biggest degree awards. He has continued to be active, teaching in Leuven, Kolding, Angel, Infosys [India] as well as holding an Hon Professorship in JUFE, Nanchang, PCR. His research interests are the Strategic Failure of Organisations, International Distribution as well as Retail Management. He has worked as a managerial consultant -clients include schools, Governorships, Ambulance services, Police and Hospital training. Whilst working with President Maureen we devised the role of the EuroCHRIE Federation Administration Officer which Rai has so ably filled. Paul received the EuroCHRIE President’s Award in Freiberg in 2013.        

Paul Jackson


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