EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
February 20, 2021


In Memory of EuroCHRIE Past President, Gilles Honegger (with video)

Gilles Honegger sadly died on 18th February 2021

EuroCHRIE President – 1993-94 
Honorary International CHRIE Member

At the 2004 International CHRIE congress in Philadelphia, USA, Gilles Honegger was presented with the special Raphael Kavanaugh Champion of Education Award. This unique award is given by International CHRIE’s Board of Directors upon special occasions to honour an individual or organisation who has made a long-standing commitment to advance the mission of I-CHRIE.

In 1997 at Providence Rhode Island he received the industry Recognition Award. This special award is given to a hospitality and tourism industry professional and/or organization in recognition of a pattern of demonstrated commitment to advance hospitality and tourism education as a discipline.

It was lovely to see so many old friends and faces on the Zoom call when we raised a glass to Gilles. Those that remembered Gilles ‘and you can listen to those memories’ are below Rai.Shacklock Marie Connolly * Eric Hofmann * Eléonore Vial * Fred Mayo * Henri, KUOKKANEN * Kevin Anderson * Karen Lieberman * Kline, Sheryl * Liz Ineson * Maria Lockwood * Dolasinski, Mary Jo * Maureen Brookes * Justin Brookes Philippe Rossiter * Prof. Perry Hobson * Ralf Burbach * Rosalinda Hoops * Sandra Watson Sybil Hofmann * Paul Jackson Linda Evans Xander Lub * Amie Garrett Grayson * MASDUPUY Chrystel * Hervé Fournier * Fournier Susan * Mehmet Teoman Alemdar * Tommy.Andersson Bill Samenfink Erica Samenfink Jeffrey Catterall Jan.W.Meijerhof

❤️ A EuroCHRIE Family Member – ALWAYS! ❤️

Remembering Gilles Honegger

“I remember fondly his work and support at Instiut Paul Bocuse and he and I also did the evaluation of the Gastronomy degree at DIT in Dublin”
– Fred Mayo

“Gilles was a positive force and a true visionary.”
– Reg Foucar-Szocki

“I did indeed know Gilles well – from the first conference I attended in Bad Honnef in 2003, I remember having a great talk with him, and then subsequently, also in 2005 in Paris of course. I am very sorry to hear about this.”
– Willy Legrand

“What sad news ! This is a great loss from our EuroCHRIE family My sincere condolences to all family members”
– Marianna Sigala

“We have lost a great man and visionary. So saddened to hear the news. Rest In Peace Gilles. Prayers to his family.”
– Bill Samenfink

“So sad. He was such a terrific guy”
– Karen Lieberman

“Hearing of Gilles passing was very sad. He was instrumental in the development of EuroCHRIE and ICHRIE. A true gentleman, a professional in every way, and a pleasure to know and interact with. He will be missed.”
– Robert Bosselman

“I felt Gilles’ warmth moving quickly, making his candid observations, and bringing a smile to all he met. In those early years, Gilles and Sybill Hoffman remind so many the world contains more than the USA. For me, those years in the late 1990 and early 2000’s were a remarkable period of evolution as a person. EURO CHRIE conferences are always the place to experience intellectual stimulation, cutting-edge thought, Tourism fit for royalty, and people that would be acquaintances and friends for life.”
– Reg Foucar-Szocki

“I remember so vividly meeting Gilles for the first time at EuroCHRIE in Athens. He was so warm and welcoming. Over the years, he gave so much to all ICHRIE members both personally and professionally. I will always remember him with great affection.”
– Deborah Breiter Terry

“I remember Giles as one of the many bright spots in EuroCHRIE. His work with Accor was my first exposure to this corporation, which now includes a boutique hotel in Lexington, KY. He will be missed. My condolences to his family and to those who were close to him.”
– Claire Schmelzer

“Gilles was one of the pillars of EuroCHRIE, he was very happy and proud to belong to this great family to which he was faithful throughout his life. He worked tirelessly to create a link between the industry and the world of education when he was Director of School Relations for Accor, but also on his own behalf because he was simply generous and liked to encourage and foster meetings and exchanges between us. Gilles was passionate about his work and he leaves for all those who knew him the memory of a committed man who knew how to combine seriousness and fun.  He was a unique character and we loved him for that. Our memories of Gilles are vivid and will last forever.”
– Eléonore Vial (Institute Paul Bocuse)

“You could always write that Gilles was one like many associated with EuroCHRIE who gave and did not count the cost; fought and did not heed the wounds; toiled and asked for no rest, laboured and asked for no reward save knowing that he was contributing to Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism Education. Slán go foillín”
– Joseph Hegarty

“Such sad news really. Gilles was just a pillar of EuroCHRIE who could always be counted up for his support. I remember the Paris conference, the dinner cruise and his laughter and commentary as we passed the sights. He will be missed. RIP.”
– Ron Carpenter

“I feel extremely sad knowing that Gilles is no longer with us. His personal generosity and influence on the shape of EuroCHRIE and ICHRIE (remembering especially Accor’s champagne contributions to the gala dinners) will never be forgotten.  Gilles took his role very responsibly and seriously but he was always ready to join in the fun! My memories of Gilles are vivid and will last forever. RIP Gilles x”
– Liz Ineson

“I went through some of the albums and found those photos of lovely Gilles!!!! What a great man he was! I have photos that go back many years. I organized the EuroCHRIE conference in Athens in ’96… and then there are photos at the Bocuse conference, and at other European conferences… Feeling very sad!”
– Sybil Hoffman

“We are sorry to hear of Gilles’ passing. He was one of the visionary founders of EuroCHRIE and was actively involved in promoting quality education for hospitality and culinary arts. Both Susan and I will remember his laugh and the welcome that he showed to us as we joined the EuroCHRIE conference in Lyon. Great memories! All the best to you all. Hope to see you soon when this is all over. Stay safe.”
– Hervé and Susan Fournier

“Very sad news. Gilles was a visionary member, founder of EuroCHRIE. May he rest in Peace and all the best to his family.”
– Jouni Ahonen

“Thanks for passing on the sad news.  I personally have many fond memories of time spent in Gilles’ company with EuroCHRIE and he certainly was a great ambassador for our organisation.”
– Maureen Brookes

“Aahh, what a sad news. Indeed one of the first I met as well when I got involved in EuroCHRIE, in believe in Ankara but for sure (and I will never forget) in Paris in 2005. Thanks for letting me know.”
– Jan Willem Meijerhof

“Gilles was retired by the time I met him. He was always so dignified and fitted my ideal as an elder statesman-interested, up to date concerned for the good of the organisation with a twinkle in his eye and a self-depreciation of his own true worth. He will be missed in our family but to his own family my deep condolences of both Linda and I.”
– Paul Jackson

“I am saddened to hear that Gilles passed away. He was always so dedicated to the hospitality industry and to our association. I will miss his character, wisdom and a great sense of humour. It was truly an honour to know him. May he rest in peace!”
– Robert Wettereur

“Yes, of course I knew Giles. What a character – an internationalist and a gentleman. I knew him for so many years, and remember his retirement from Accor. It’s so sad to hear he has passed away. Do let me know when you are having any sort of social online get together for Giles. I would like to lift a glass to say farewell if you have a Zoom time set up.”
– Perry Hobson

“It was a great honour to meet Gilles and share the vision of modern hospitailty industry and hospitailty education with its changes. We had so many ideas to share after I had founded the first English speaking university of tourism and hospitality industry in Germany. During my presidency we hosted our yearly Conference in Paris. What a joy to have met him and to respect him. Bye, Bye Gilles.”
– Antoinette Klute-Wetterauer

“Contemplating the demise of poor Gilles, and the state of many of the rest of us, I came across this W. B. Yeats poem which I thought you might like.”
– Joseph Hegarty

When you are old

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false and true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars.
Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid his face amid a crowd of stars

EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
February 20, 2021

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