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Tourism, Hospitality and Digital Transformation

 Author: Kayhan Tajeddini, Vanessa Ratten, Thorsten Merkle  Category: Innovation and Technology Horizons  Publisher: Routledge  Published: October 15, 2019  ISBN: 9780367150006  Pages: 250  Download

Tourism, Hospitality and Digital Transformation
Strategic Management Aspects

Innovation and technological advancements can be disruptive forces, especially for conventional business in the hospitality and tourism industries. This book is timely with its critical examination of such forces and how the two industries should strategize and respond to changes effectively. It examines a wide scope of topics, from environmental scanning, formulation, implementation and evaluation to the way managers make strategy choices for better organizational performance.

The book illustrates how companies can re-orient their strategies and appraise the effectiveness of the business; its key competitors; and how they should set business goals through various cases, i.e. different types of hospitality and tourism business from traditional hotels to Airbnb and endeavors to provide strategic conceptual theories with real world application through such case studies.