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The Overtourism Debate. NIMBY, Nuisance, Commodification

 Author: Jeroen A. Oskam  Category: Hospitality & Tourism  Publisher: Emerald Insight  Published: September 14, 2020  ISBN: 978-1-83867-488-5  Pages: 329  Download

The Overtourism Debate: NIMBY, Nuisance, Commodification explores how anti-tourism protests have started to dominate the political debate in cities with thriving tourism industries around the world. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Lisbon have all developed policies to mitigate the negative externalities of tourism growth for their residents.

This work breaks new ground in its approach to explaining the anti-tourism debate from a range of different angles. It makes a novel contribution to wider political debates on urban living and global tourism, and studies a vital theme has become a pressing problem in many cities in recent years.

The book presents the differing positions of this complex debate, identifying the underlying mechanisms of mass travel, gives insight in the potential future evolution of the phenomenon, as well as proposing policies and strategies.

Through its exploration of anti-tourism as a societal concern as well as a specific academic debate, this book will appeal to multiple audiences in the fields of Sustainable Tourism, Urban Planning and Urban Sociology.