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Prejudice and Discrimination in Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

 Author: Conrad Lashley  Category:  Publisher: Routledge  Published: June 16, 2022  ISBN: 9781032030449  Pages: 200  Download

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Presenting expert-led discussion of a range of themes and topics, Prejudice and Discrimination in Hotels, Restaurants and Bars explores the rigidities that restrict recruitment into frontline job roles in hotels restaurants and bars.

Despite decades of legislation banning gender and racial discrimination in most service economies, selecting the ‘right person for the job’ in practice results in some applicants appearing to be ‘more right’ than others. This book makes a unique contribution to the study of hospitality management practices that define, both consciously and unconsciously, recruits’ appearance and behaviours that inevitably include some, and exclude others, from being selected for the job concerned. Dealing primarily with social class, gender and race, the issues discussed in the book are of international interest and authors are drawn from both the Northern and Southern hemisphere.

This book will be of great interest to both upper-level students and researchers of hospitality management and human resource management, as well as wider social science communities, such as scholars of sociology, anthropology, industrial relations, human resource studies and personnel management.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – The Psychology of Discrimination

Conrad Lashley

Chapter 2 – Hidden in Plain Sight? Covert Prejudice and Subtle Discrimination

Conrad Lashley

Chapter 3 – Aesthetic Labour and Discrimination

Dennis Nickson

Chapter 4 – Fat Boys Don’t Fly: The Tyranny of the Thin Frontline

Conrad Lashley

Chapter 5 – Five-Star Racism

Latifa Benhadda

Chapter 6 – Why Women Don’t Become Chefs

Conrad Lashley

Chapter 7 – The Boys’ Club: Gender Bias in Hospitality Hierarchies

Maria Gebbels

Chapter 8 – Gender Profiles in Chinese Organisations

Pola Wang

Chapter 9 – The Poverty of Luxury: Bias in Hospitality Management Education

Conrad Lashley

Chapter 10 – Inequality in the Brazil Labour Market

Roseane Barcellos Marques

Chapter 11 – The Bolthole of Self-Employment: Migrant Workers Avoiding Prejudice and Discrimination

Jeroen Oskam, Adele Ladkin and Maja Turnšek

Chapter 12 – Looking at THEM and seeing US

Conrad Lashley


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