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24-27 OCTOBER, 2022

Why attend EuroCHRIE22?

Finding an excuse to come to the annual EuroCHRIE conference is rarely difficult, thanks to our excellent academic reputation, great hospitality and opportunities to network internationally.

But what about the Netherlands? It has to be about location, Amsterdam is one of the most easily accessible airports in the world. Additionally there are other charming cities and towns, beautiful countryside, and world-leading cultural attractions.

18 Reasons to Attend...

High Profile Speakers

We invite international speakers from the industry and from academia to address the important issues facing us today and in the future.

What is the Industry saying?

The industry helps to shape the curriculum and the careers of our students, so we listen carefully to industry insights and include industry in all aspects of the conference.

Meet our Host & Students

We like our hosts to showcase their institutions and allow us to meet their students in a variety of settings.

Meet the Sponsors

Sponsors are an important part of our conferences and we invite publishers, technology companies, academic institutions, industry partners and more to support us.

Deans & Directors Reception

Deans, directors and industry leaders have the opportunity to meet in an informal setting to network and discuss some of the current issues facing academia and industry.

First-time Attendees Reception

If this is the first time that you have attended a EuroCHRIE conference then you will be invited to meet other first timers at the very start of the conference.

Conference Dinner

The finale of any EuroCHRIE conference is the ‘gala’ dinner. A chance to discuss what you have experienced during the packed conference programme.

Award Presentations

A variety of awards will be presented - this includes prestigious recognition of colleagues but also the best papers and poster awards that have been peer reviewed.

Spouse Programme

If you are bringing along a partner, then they may be interested in participating in a range of activities that will showcase the best of the country and cultural events

Cultural Events

At all EuroCHRIE conferences you will find that the social side of the conference will involve a range of cultural activities and events.

Regional Food & Drink

Enjoy the best of the region's food and drink. Always offered in the right settings to allow delegates to fully appreciate that they have been to that country when they return home

Practical Demonstrations

Practical demonstrations have always been the cornerstone of EuroCHRIE. These can relate to culinary arts as well as practical involvement in hands on workshops

PhD Workshops

PhD students are encouraged to bring along their research and to discuss with others and professors the challenges that they face in starting their work but also completing it.

Our Annual General Meeting

This is the ideal time to hold our Annual General Meeting. It gives members and non-members the chance to hear what the Board of Directors are working on.

Jobs Board

International organisations are looking to recruit. Jobs may be advertised in advance or at the conference but there could be an opportunity to speak with potential employers.

Sample the best of The Netherlands

The EuroCHRIE Conference will be organised to showcase the best of the country.

Catch up with Friends & Colleagues

We always love the EuroCHRIE conference as it gives us the opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues and to get your photos taken to capture those memories.

And of course...Networking

For those seasoned attendees then we need not say more about networking. New attendees you will soon find out how meeting new people from all over the world can contribute to your institutions and student experiences.

What delegates say...