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Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
24-27 OCTOBER, 2022
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The theme for EuroCHRIE 2022, is about shaping the future of education and industries in the hospitality & tourism, events management and culinary arts sectors. Topics such as data security, robotics, self-service, artificial intelligence, block-chain and social innovation have an impact all areas. Moreover, the theme relates to research, education, training and life-long learning. To foster knowledge, we invite delegates to reflect on the future of education considering existing changes in society, particularly the impact of the Covid pandemic, because the way we structure our education system has a profound effect on how the industry functions.


The Netherlands


Tuesday to Thursday
October 24 to 27, 2022

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Why should I attend?

The 2022 EuroCHRIE conference will focus on issues that are fundamental in shaping the future of the education and industry in hospitality, tourism, events management, culinary arts and related industries. It will provide delegates with the opportunity to advance knowledge by discussing new topics and by daring to explore and adopt new methodological perspectives to their research areas under the umbrella of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Of course, in true EuroCHRIE tradition we offer unlimited networking opportunities good food and a wonderful cultural experience.

Extend knowledge and experience

Offer networking opportunities

Provide Dutch hospitality

Offering New Opportunities

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William Samenfink
Steven Rhoden
Sheryl Kline
Thorsten Merkle
Sybil Hofmann
Willy Legrand
Heidi Anaya

EuroCHRIE has provided me with life long professional colleagues and friends and always offers me the chance to brush up on current trends

I’ve attended EuroCHRIE conferences for over a decade and have enjoyed hearing the latest research, sharing education best practice and forming networks. It’s a great place to make friends and the warm welcome that EuroCHRIE rolls out really makes their conferences feel like a family reunion. If you’ve not been to one, give it a try!

The EuroCHRIE conference is one of the top research conferences in our field. I always learn something new and have an opportunity to meet new and old friends.

Attending EuroCHRIE is a fantastic opportunity to meet old and new friends from across Europe. Besides getting an update on developments on the academic side, I appreciate the ability to network.

I attend EuroCHRIE conferences to be updated on the latest educational trends in the industry post COVID, to network with professionals and academicians from all over the world, and to form new partnerships! EuroCHRIE was the best thing that happened to me and my college since I joined ICHRIE just over two decades ago!

Meet other researchers with similar interest and create common research agenda; gather industry and research knowledge to be used within classes to improve the overall quality of education.

From the learning to the networking to the information-sharing to experiencing the local culture, the reasons are practically endless why you should attend a EuroCHRIE conference!

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