2022 Conference Posters – Pilot Programme

July 2, 2022

EuroCHRIE 2022 is piloting posters as presentation documents on the conference website. After the conference they can be accessed as a resource on the EuroCHRIE website.

As many of you know when it comes to poster presentation they are normally posted on a wall and displayed for an hour or so and the author (s) can stand there and answer question. That is normally it.

By using this method, the posters will be able to be seen not only physically at the conference but also virtually. This will give delegates the opportunity to browse the posters in more detail during and after the conference.

Presenters will also be given the opportunity to prepare a short video. This video needs to be uploaded to YouTube and then EuroCHRIE will download it to the EuroCHRIE YouTube platform. This is not a compulsory element this year, but possibly will be in the future. If you are only attending virtually then this video is critically important. Visitors to your poster will be able to leave questions and messages and you will be able to contact them afterwards if you so wish. This makes the poster presentations far more interactive than has been in the past.

Therefore, authors of accepted posters are expected to:

  • Prepare an A1 (portrait) poster and bring it with them to the conference and display it according to the conference schedule;
  • Complete a submission form https://eurochrie.org/2022/posters/submit-poster/
  • Upload an electronic copy of the poster, in high-resolution JPG format, 1-2 MB in size, by no later than 15th September;
  • You can upload up to 4 more photos if you wish;
  • Prepare a 2-minute video of your poster – tips can be found at https://eurochrie.org/2022/posters/
  • Upload the two-minute audio/video presentation onto YouTube by no later than 15th September 2022 and include link on the submission form.

At least one author of an accepted poster must register for the conference.

Remember there is a best poster prize to be determined at the conference.

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