To Stay or not to Stay - Voice of Hotel Employees from Glassdoor

To Stay or not to Stay – Voice of Hotel Employees from Glassdoor

Employee turnover has been a major challenge for the hotel industry, and researchers and actioners have made continued efforts to investigate the major causes of turnover. Existing studies mostly relied on employees’ self-reported data which is not free of social desirability bias and examined turnover intention instead of turnover. Using employees’ shared comments on their current and past employers on Glassdoor, this identified the main factors of hotel employees’ turnover based on word-frequency analysis and a systematic coding process. The study further categorized these factors into hygiene factors and motivators and assessed their influence on employees’ turnover decisions using sentiment analysis and regressions. The study contributes to Hertzberg’s Two-factor Theory by providing an alternative way of operationalizing the theory. It focused on actual turnover decisions rather than turnover intentions. It also has important methodological implications by using employee-generated comments on social media.

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About the Authors

Prof. Emily Ma

Dr. Emily Ma is a Professor of Hospitality/Events Management at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey. Her research area includes organizational behavior, women in leadership in hospitality, and customer experience management. Dr. Ma has been serving as the Associate Editor for the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management since 2018.

Dr. Liang Wang

Associate Professor Liang Wang is a reputable researcher specializing in big-data analytics in business.

Dr. Aaron Hsiao

Dr. Aaron Hsiao is a researcher in organizational behavior in the hospitality and tourism disciplines.