The Role of Personal Values in Accessing Food Well-being

The Role of Personal Values in Accessing Food Well-being

This qualitative research explores the manifestation of food well-being (FWB) using consumers’ memories of lived experiences. Following the grounded theory process (Glaser and Strauss, 1967), emerging findings highlight the role of personal values (Schwartz, 1992) in accessing FWB. We define a taxonomy of FWB according to four dimensions of values : Conservation, Self-transcendence, Openness to change and Self-enhancement. This research exposes also the concept of food eudaimonia, an alignment between consumers’ personal values, their definitions of well-being and their experiences of well-being related to food. Thus, we suggest implications for public policies and hospitality and tourism practioners concerned by consumer well-being issues.

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About the Authors

Dr. Ophélie Mugel

Ophélie Mugel is Associate Professor in Marketing applied to food and culinary arts. Her research focuses on food consumption experiences, social and solidarity restaurants, vulnerability and food well-being. In 2020, her film “Dignity as a Gift: an Immersion in the Gastronomic Experience at Refettorio Paris” received the award of the best videographic research at the Association for Consumer Research Conference.