A Systematic Review of Smart Hotel Research

A Systematic Review of Smart Hotel Research

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have been transforming the hotel industry, with the trend of smart hotels emerged in the recent decade. Research on smart hotels also has been increasing in recent years. This study aims to provide a critical and comprehensive review of smart hotel literature to point out the status quo, research gaps, implications on service design, and which factors lead to the customer experience through a systematic literature review. This study will also provide insights into the future research directions of smart hotel research. This study will follow the PRISMA guidelines and procedures developed by Moher (2009) and Yang (2017) to conduct the systematic literature review. Content analysis will be used to analyse the collected literature.

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About the Author

Jiaolong Cheng

Jiaolong Cheng is a new PhD student who studied hospitality and tourism at the University of Surrey. Her research area is about designing future services in smart hotel.ational psychology from Temple University.