Academic Tracks

What are the Academic tracks?

The theme of the conference is ‘Building Bridges and Overcoming Challenges’. The conference committee invites you to submit a paper or poster presentation within the broad theme of the conference and within the following conference tracks:

1. Technology

This track welcomes submissions looking at the role technology can play in hospitality and tourism to provide solutions to challenges, and offer new opportunities for social and business interactions.

2. Sustainability

Climate change is one of the largest challenges facing the world today. This track invites research that explores the role of hospitality and tourism in making a more sustainable world.

3. Customer Experience

Customers are at the heart of every business; this is especially true for hospitality and tourism businesses. It is therefore important that we have a complete understanding of customers and their experiences with our activities, products, and services. This track invites submissions on topics exploring customers' expectations, perceptions, and experiences in hospitality and tourism.

4. Education

Change and uncertainty are, oxymoronically, constants in life, thanks to technological change, geopolitical upheaval, and events such as climate change. It is critical, therefore, to find new and creative ways to prepare tomorrow's generation to adjust to these uncertainties and be the change-markers they need to be.

5. The New Consumers

This track seeks submissions exploring changes to customer typologies and changes to their behaviour. Such information is important to understand for businesses to prepare to accommodate such new types of travellers and their, potentially, new tastes.

6. The Employees’ Perspective

The track will welcome submissions focusing on the challenges faced by the hospitality employees, such as emotional labour, poor work-life balance, job insecurity, and gender pay gaps.

7. General Track

This track welcomes submissions related to various aspects of tourism and hospitality management and education.