EuroCHRIE 2024
4-7 NOVEMBER, 2024
EuroCHRIE visits Doha

Welcome to Doha – the vibrant hub where tradition meets innovation and Qatari hospitality intertwines with cutting-edge industry trends. As we eagerly anticipate EuroCHRIE Qatar 2024, explore the allure of this dynamic city.

Nestled on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Doha seamlessly blends modern sophistication with rich cultural heritage. EuroCHRIE Qatar 2024 promises an unforgettable experience in an environment conducive to inspiration and collaboration. Doha's diverse offerings, from culinary delights to cultural landmarks, set the stage for exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the hospitality industry.

Join us in Doha for EuroCHRIE Qatar 2024 – where innovation, culture, and hospitality converge. Be part of an event that transcends boundaries and propels you into a world of limitless possibilities. Your journey into the heart of hospitality begins here, in Doha.


Doha, Qatar


Monday to Thursday
November 4 to 7, 2024

Hospitality and Tourism in a New Era: Building Bridges and Overcoming Challenges

EuroCHRIE Qatar 2024 revolves around the theme, 'Hospitality and Tourism in a New Era: Building Bridges and Overcoming Challenges.' This theme recognizes the uncertainties affecting the industry's growth and development, urging collaborative efforts that emphasize connectivity and shared knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape.

Simultaneously, it underscores resilience, encouraging industry professionals to draw upon existing wisdom to craft a future where hospitality and tourism not only endure challenges but emerge stronger. Join us in Doha for dynamic discussions and collaborative solutions that shape the resilient future of our ever-evolving industry.

Your Qatar Team

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