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πŸ“Ί Hotels of Tomorrow Project

Ron Swidler | Ron will be holding a quiz-based panel discussion on the future of hotels based on the Hotel of Tomorrow project that took place last semester and captured trends through a co-creative design approach and transformed them into new scenarios and concepts. This project brought together well over 150 experts from all parts of the hotel industry, including designers, consultants, developers, operators, brands, associations and educators, amongst others. Prepare to be informed and entertained!

πŸ“Ί Disruptive Thinking for Certainty in Uncertain Times

Jackie Mulligan | The most turbulent times for generations have revealed the importance of agility and adaptation in our business, academic and personal lives. Are we teaching students to conform or to disrupt? Are we disruptive enough? This presentation will show the importance of disruptive thinking and how to do it in a world where our students and our educational leaders need to understand our agency in shaping the future.

πŸ“Ί Digital Transformation: A snapshot of change within the online travel industry

Chris Pieri | Chris will provide a snapshot of change within the online travel industry. More specifically, he will discuss the impact of new technologies and digital transformation on our industry, from the perspective of Expedia Group. He will talk about upcoming technologies, new collaborations in the industry, upcoming opportunities and challenges. If you are looking for an update on what’s ahead, don’t miss his keynote!

πŸ“Ί Enhancing student cultural awareness & engagement through online collaborative learning

Nicholas Thomas | The presentation aims to enhance understanding related to online-based collaborative learning projects as a method to enhance student cultural awareness, engagement, and course satisfaction. Best practices for the implementation of a project into a course and larger curriculum are discussed. Additionally, suggestions for academic research on the topic are shared for those in attendance that are looking to complement an existing research agenda or establish a new one.

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