International CHRIE

International CHRIE
March 22, 2022


Nominate a Colleague for a 2022 International CHRIE Award


It’s that time of year again; time to nominate a deserving colleague for a 2022 ICHRIE Award!

Each year International CHRIE recognizes the best and brightest in the organization with awards and special recognition.

The Awards Committee have already been hard at work on updating information and details for the ICHRIE Awards. Make sure to review the list of available awards before submitting your nomination.

All current dues-paying members of International CHRIE are eligible for nomination except current elected board members or members of the ICHRIE Awards Committee.

SIG Chairs, Federation Presidents, as well as the Nomination Committee, are all eligible.


Nominate one or more deserving colleagues today by completing the ICHRIE Awards Nomination Form found on the ICHRIE website HERE. Note: You will need to be logged in to see the nomination form.


Nominations will be accepted until 11:59PM Eastern Time (New York) on 30th April 2022 6th May 2022 (extended deadline).


Individuals and organizations may be nominated by any current International CHRIE member simply by completing the 2022 Awards Nomination Form. Note: that forms must be fully completed for the nomination to be accepted.


The following information is required to nominate someone:

  • Name of the award for which the person/company is being nominated,
  • Full name, email, phone number and organization/company of the nominee,
  • A clear and brief explanation of why the nominee is deserving of the named award (please see specific award criteria),
  • Name, email and telephone number of the person making the nomination (the nominator).

*Please note: Nominees must be current ICHRIE members.


  • Finalists for each award category will be named by the ICHRIE Awards Committee prior to the 2022 Summer Conference.
  • Winners will be awarded at the 2022 Annual ICHRIE Summer Conference in Washington, DC, 3rd-6th August 2022.

Thank you for doing your part in recognizing your peers by nominating several of them for a 2022 ICHRIE Award.

International CHRIE

International CHRIE
March 22, 2022

Last updated on May 11, 2022