EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
September 18, 2023


Announcing EuroCHRIE Doha 2024 in Qatar

It is our great pleasure to invite you and the whole ICHRIE family to the beautiful city of Doha! We are privileged to have been given the opportunity to host the 2024 EuroCHRIE annual conference and are determined to make this conference a great success!

We are confident that we can deliver a truly unique and memorable event that will leave long-lasting impressions amongst all attendees.

We invite you to experience our world-class hospitality and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere Qatar has to offer!

Over the years, Qatar has experienced exponential growth and has established itself as a world-class destination for hosting major international events, including the FIFA 2022 World Cup. It has been ranked as the most open country in the Middle East and the 8th most open in the world in terms of visa facilitation.

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Qatar is a unique mixture of many cultures, and its population consists of people from more than 100 different nationalities. Qatar ensures the well-being of its citizens, residents, and visitors through its world-class public infrastructure and public safety. According to the Numbeo Crime Index 2022, Qatar is the safest country in the world and has held this spot since 2017. Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is a unique mixture of old and new, and a destination where each visitor is able to experience authentic Arabian hospitality.

Over the years the city has established itself as a major international travel hub. Qatar’s award-winning national carrier and world’s best airline, Qatar Airways, connects Doha to more than 160 destinations across six continents and Hamad International Airport has been chosen as ‘The Best Airport in the World’ for two consecutive years (2021 and 2022).

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With more than 560 km of coastline that frames the windswept desert, it’s home to beaches, lagoons, the other-worldly Inland Sea, and mangrove islands that thrive in the salty Gulf Waters, where pearl divers and fishermen have made their livelihoods for centuries. It’s also one of the few places in the world where the desert meets the sea.

Qatar has so much to offer to its visitors. From world-class infrastructure and hospitality-related facilities to different activities, including first-class shopping and entertainment, visitors will find a range of things to see and do here. Unlike other destinations in the region, Qatar is truly focused on authentic culture and arts and is home to several world-class museums, which allow visitors to dive into and understand the country’s history, culture, and heritage. The vision for safety is deeply embedded in the development of the country, and Qatar seeks to promote tolerance, openness, and constructive socio-cultural dialogues within the context of its Arab roots.

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By being the oldest private higher education institution in the country and the only university-level provider of tourism and hospitality management education, ARIU is well-positioned and well-prepared to host the EuroCHRIE annual conference in 2024. The theme of the conference “Hospitality and Tourism in a New Era: Building Bridges and Overcoming Challenges” takes into consideration the uncertainties affecting the growth and development of hospitality and tourism and the existing knowledge that can be used in shaping the future of the travel and tourism industry.

EuroCHRIE Team

EuroCHRIE Team
September 18, 2023

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